Trash Filled Home Makes For Reality TV!

This morning on WGN Radio, talk show host Johnnie Putman was commenting on articles in the Chicago Sun-Times.  In mid-sentence she lets out a shriek of sorts at one of the pictures in the paper. (I post it below.)  Putman was so embrassed for the lady pictured, given the piles of trash she had around her house and the way she lived, that she would not voice the name of the lady.  I have no such problem in this case as the story is one of  pure insanity.   Patricia Desire is the lady the story centers around, and worse yet it is another example of reality TV.  When a person’s house is so full of trash that one needs to climb over it on the way to the toilet it might be time to learn about prioritizing time.  Or it  might be time to get a therapist.  Or to stop being lazy.  Or all three!  But to feature this on reality TV!!!  That is nuts.  Give Patricia Desire a garbage bin, but do not encourge her that this type of living merits fame on television.

Plastic tubs are balanced precariously atop mounds of unopened mail, loose papers, unused school supplies, plastic shopping bags and unworn clothing with price tags still attached. A few bins have toppled over, their contents spilling out like flowing lava onto the floor. Is it carpet or bare wood? Who knows?

The mess finally forced Danielle, one of Desire’s two grown children, to move out three years ago.

What took so long to move out?

Sarah Palin Clearly Not Aware Of Founding Fathers, Glenn Beck Calls Her Answer “Bull Crap”

Sarah Palin again struggles with the basic elements of American History.  And even Glenn Beck sees Palin for what she is,and twice utters “bull crap” at her inability to name a favorite Founding Father.  When she needs to rebound she grabs onto George Washington for a life-line.  I would like to give her 60 seconds without interruption to define the philosophical differences between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  You talk about ‘can’t miss TV’!!  Maybe if she had time left over (yes, I am smirking) she could comment on Ben Franklin’s views on slavery….and then if she had time…..(meaning another 50 seconds….)

Haiti Earthquake Political Cartoons

As always political cartoonists have the best pulse on what people are feeling, and as such are able to convey in some strokes of the pen images that strike to the core of the issue.  When it comes to the hellish conditions in Haiti following the earthquake, the political cartoons were hitting their mark.  Our hearts.  (All hearts, that is, except the godless Pat Robertson and the drugged Rush Limbaugh.)