Sarah Palin Helped Katie Couric Win Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia Journalism Award

First Katie Couric helped the nation by showcasing what the term ‘inept’ fully means as she questioned the totally unprepared Sarah Palin with such hard questions as “what newspapers and magazines do you read’?  Without knowing, Sarah Palin responded in her own provincial manner, and by doing so assisted Couirc in winning a prestigious journalism award.   The Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Journalism Award is quite an honor.  Helping defend the nation from nitwits, such as Sarah Palin,  is just one role of a journalist, and for that Katie Couric gets much deserved praise.  In case you forgot the embarrassing interview for Palin I offer it here for a reminder, and a chuckle.  “Putin rears his head……..”

The awards program described Couric’s interviews with Palin as “a series of influential and illuminating television interviews by a skillful veteran reporter” and said:

“In a political season full of interviews…, Katie Couric’s apt and determined questioning of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin prompted the most revealing remarks and had the greatest impact on the presidential campaign…Couric’s nimble questioning and even tone elicited answers on the issues…these were the interviews heard around the world.”


3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Helped Katie Couric Win Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia Journalism Award

  1. bassackwards

    Hey Katie. I dare you to interview Sarah now. Or Scott Brown. Cuz, based on what I saw in Massachusetts, it sure seems to be working.

  2. DEO

    Oh yeah, Katie, Scott Brown is a real genius type nude centerfold who pimps his daughters. Be careful.

    …and Katie, when you interview $arah AGAIN ask her HOW she rectifies being the FACE of the teaparty movement and ALSO TOO campaigning for RINO, John McCain, doesn’t that make HER a RINO???
    Gee, Katie I bet you are quaking in your boots at the thought of interviewing the consumate and eternal AIRHEAD, Sarah Palin NOW!
    You know HOW she rectifies it? Palin endorses whoever she is TOLD to endorse by the GOP establishment, Palin is now and always will be FOR SALE. A willing pawn in the ESTABLISHMENT chess game.

    Oh, Scott Brown endorses McCain too…there goes your teaparty! They got what THEY wanted, SUCKER!

    1. bassackwards

      I’ll say the same thing all the Obamunauts have been telling me since the election. YOU LOST. DEAL WITH IT. Your little progressive party is over. I’ll be telling you the same thing in 2010 and 2012 as well. People are sick of his crap and the people he surrounds himself with.

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