Video: “8 – The Mormon Proposition”, LDS, And Anti-Gay Teachings

This is one highly touted documentary film that will make many sit up and pay attention. 

The Mormons made a choice.  As usual it was the wrong choice.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints plays a starring role in a new Sundance Film Festival documentary about the 2008 ballot initiative that successfully banned gay marriage in California.

Miami-area filmmaker Reed Cowan’s “8: The Mormon Proposition,” premieres Sunday at the Park City festival.

The film contends the LDS Church built on decades of anti-gay teachings to justify its political activism and tried to hide its role as the driving force behind the coalition of conservatives that helped pass Proposition 8. The proposition reversed an earlier court ruling legalizing gay marriage.


Senators Tell Obama That Ben Bernanke Has Votes For Comfirmation


Obama made calls from the White House to members of the Senate leadership and others and was assured Bernanke would win confirmation, a senior White House official told The Associated Press. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private phone calls.

If Bernanke’s nomination were derailed it would send tremors through Wall Street, which in turn could hobble an already fragile economic recovery and slow any comeback in the ailing jobs market. The mounting opposition to Bernanke was one of the factors worrying investors as the stock market suffered its worst setback in more than 10 months this week, losing 552 points from Wednesday to Friday.

Bernanke is widely credited with helping to prevent the Great Recession from turning into a second Great Depression. But his support of Wall Street bailouts has angered Americans who are struggling with double-digit unemployment and soaring home foreclosures.

Sunday Echoes: “Gone With The Wind”

With “Avatar” poised to challenge films like “Titanic” and “Gone With The Wind” in the box office record books I think it only proper to showcase one of the best films of all time; one that makes my personal top ten list.