Murray Hill Incorporated Is Running For Congress

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Texas Teabagger Candidate Calls Governor Perry “”Jumpy, Fidgety Frat Boy “

I must concede one point to the teabaggers.  They are making Republican primaries mighty interesting.  The latest such example is the truly engaging race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in Texas.  The teabagger candidate, Debra Medina, is racing uphill and gaining some ground.  But as in other contests around the nation Medina finds loud and snide remarks the best way to secure some press.  Her strongest slugs have been aimed at incumbant Gov. Rick Perry.

Mrs. Medina is critical of both Mr. Perry and Ms. Hutchison, calling them “two sides of the same coin.” But she has reserved some of her sharpest jabs for the governor, whom she described in an interview as the “jumpy, fidgety frat boy sitting on stage with me two weeks ago.”

In response to Mrs. Medina’s remark, Catherine Frazier, a spokesman for the governor, said: “Under Gov. Perry’s leadership, Texas is the strongest state in the nation. If that is what she thinks about where Texas is headed, that’s unfortunate.”

The question is if Medina can lure enough voters to her column come primary day, and force a run-off with one of the others contenders.  Also vying for the nomination is U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Anything can happen, but I suspect Rick Perry wins the nomination.

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Sheridan Defends Private Life After ‘Coup Attempt’

Read Feb 1, 2010 update to this story here.

There is clearly more to this story than sunshine and roses.  Most of the problems that arise from these types of stories are not so much the facts of the case, but the attempt to hide from them.   The intrigue that this story alludes to keeps it alive.  Granted WIBA radio did a half-(butt) job in writing and reporting this story.  If they were going to put out a short story they also should have filled in more of the facts, such as when the quote was made by Speaker Sheridan, and what the background issue was that brought the caucus together.  But putting aside  the journalistic shortfall, there is no debate about the fact that a full and frank disclosure, whatever the facts may be, is the best political route to moving on…..for the entire Democratic Caucus.

Political intrigue at our Capitol yesterday as majority Democrats in the state Assembly met behind closed doors…apparently over a coup attempt against Speaker Mike Sheridan.  But Sheridan, a former UAW leader from Janesville, denies being insecure, “No, not at all.  In fact I felt a tremendous amount of support.”  What’s behind this? A rumor that the 51-year-old Sheridan has been having an affair with a lobbyist, “What I do outside this building you know, is my private life, and I’m not going to be talking about these things.”  Sheridan and his wife are going through a divorce.

The Chicago Tribune printed an AP story and started their report this way.

Democratic Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan on Thursday accused opponents of increasing payday loan regulation of starting rumors that he was going to be removed from power.

Sheridan said he does not intend to resign as speaker and no vote was taken in a closed-door meeting of Democratic Assembly members earlier Thursday to remove him.

Democratic Assembly members talked about the rumors, Sheridan said in an interview in his office shortly after the meeting ended. But he said those rumors started with lobbyists. He did not say who, specifically.