La Rocca’s On Williamson Street Makes Lasagna Good As Homemade, Best In Madison

I rarely use this space to promote or encourage folks to visit a restaurant.  I just do not think most readers know me well enough to trust my judgement about affairs of the stomach. But after another awesome serving of La Rocca’s lasagna I need to use this blog for a sales pitch.  When it comes to lasagna I know of what I speak.

We all know how wonderful the thick slices of lasagna looks and tastes as it comes piping hot out of the oven in our home.  There is nothing so divine as lasagna that just spreads itself out on the plate as the steam wafts up carrying the aroma of tomato sauce, beef, and cheeses.  Lasagna may be one of the ultimate comfort foods. 

Over the past year or so I have tried lasagna at many a restaurant in Madison, as by now it should be apparent to you that I like the dish.  While I have left every plate empty, I just kept returning to the one that was just way above the others for all around flavor and personality.  La Rocca’s on Williamson Street in Madison.  When it comes to homemade goodness nothing in Madison could quite compare with their lasagna.  Nice portion and most affordable.

The first time I stepped into La Rocca’s the warm cozy feeling enveloped me as if I were going into someone’s home.  It was soon thereafter I learned that a family from Sicily operates the restaurant where everything is homemade, and can only be described as awesomely authentic.

From the wait staff that chats and makes easy conversation, to Vito the  owner who comes out with his apron on to see how the meal is tasting, there is a sincere desire to make an Italian food memory.  I love his wife Caternia who never fails to raise her hand from the kitchen and wave when we enter.  It is like walking into the home of a relative where there is recognition you are there, but ‘my hands are in the dough so just make yourself at home.’  That causal charm is part of the dining experience.

There is a warm loaf of bread and a plate of lasagna waiting for you……….

Trust me on this one.

9 thoughts on “La Rocca’s On Williamson Street Makes Lasagna Good As Homemade, Best In Madison

  1. James

    I always order the same thing for dinner when I go to La Roccas–that is the fettuccine alla Vito: white wine sauce with shrimp, clams, mussels, garlic, parsley, and cayenne pepper over fettuccine. Amazing. They also make one of the best pizzas in town. Get a table before they fill up!

  2. Ferrell Gummitt

    Okay you sold me, I go through Madison a couple of times a year, I will try them the next time I am going through.

    Are they far off I90/94?

    1. James

      From Beltline Highway

      merge onto Beltline Hwy/US-12 E/US-14 E
      Continue to follow E/W Beltline Hwy/US-12 E/W 8.5 mi
      10 mins
      Take exit 263 toward John Nolen Dr 0.3 mi

      Merge onto CR-MC N/John Nolen Dr
      Continue to follow John Nolen Dr 2.6 mi
      6 mins

      Turn right at Williamson St 0.4 mi
      1 min

      8. La Roccas will be on your left, just after the intersection with Paterson St. (which I think is the second light on Williamson). It is a tiny place, so don’t blink).

  3. I’ve been to this place once, it’s my friend’s birthday and she treat us out. Their lasagna is amazing, it was my first time to try veggie lasagna and it has become my favorite ever since.

  4. Marge

    When my son graduated from East High last year there was only one place he wanted the family to have dinner at. Vito and the family are the greatest! The food is the best!

  5. Ben

    Madison is the best place to live in the Midwest and La Rocca’s is one of the reasons why. I have lived on the Isthmus for about 10 years and they are just the perfect dinner spot. Love the tables out front in summer.

  6. vito la Rocca

    Hello , first of all… THANKS !!!!!!
    this is very nice of you we appreciate the kind words and compliment in your article
    and even if we don’t spend much time on the net, it is always nice to find good comments about your work
    I’ll look forward to see you guys at the restaurant , to thank you personally.
    Vito LaRocca

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