Tea Party Signs

I do not feel I need to add any commentary to this post.  Really.  None.


7 thoughts on “Tea Party Signs

  1. sonneman

    If you correct their spelling, they would strongly assert that enough IS spelled ‘enoungh’ you godammded sewshalist.

  2. patrick

    The posters are funny, I suppose. But what is more interesting is the way you cling to the vain belief that these Americans are too foolish to understand the issues because of a spelling mistake or two. This is the same attitude which suggests that because black kids don’t adhere to standard spoken English that they are stupid. This is the very heart of the left’s paternalistic justification for turning Americans into cradle-to-grave drones. Everyone makes spelling mistakes–you made one on your blog the other day. Should the reader assume that you are too stupid to understand? Obviously not. But still you cling to some imagined intellectual superiority while you call those that disagree with you racists because they use the word “alien” correctly or because a citizen has a mispelled sign.

  3. Wilson

    What amazes me is these [some of them] paid tea baggers are rallying for lower taxes for the rich [those making $200,000] and don’t even seem to realize it. These rich companies are paying people to protest [Sarah Palin and her look a likes like Joe the Plumber] for them on don’t tax and probably the taxes will never hit them as they don’t make enough money.
    Don’t they realize they are being USED!

  4. Ferrell Gummitt

    Obviously these misspelled signs prove two things:
    1) They do not know how to use their spell check.
    2) It proves beyond a shadow of doubt with geometric logic that “Teabaggers” are all a bunch of racists.

  5. Jenny

    I think these signs indicate:
    A. We (as a society) rely too much on technology for spelling help.
    B. Our education system is poor.
    C. Parents need to be involved in education instead of leaving it up to an institution.
    D. Everyone makes mistakes (spelling and otherwise).
    E. Some messages will always be lost in “translation”.
    F. It is always a good idea to ask another person to proof-read before making a work public.

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