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Juneau County DA Scott Southworth’s 15 Minutes Of Fame

April 8, 2010

There are times that backwater district attorneys need to think twice before speaking.  In the case of Juneau County District Attorney Scott Southworth he should have made that three times.  Possibly four.

The highly partisan and overly conservative Southworth is telling schools in his district to abandon their sex education courses.  He claims the new curriculum could lead to criminal charges against teachers for contributing to the delinquency of minors.  He even went on to say that the law promotes “sexual assault” of children.  To say anything of the sort borders on such fanciful thinking as to make one wonder if all the certificates that must line his office wall are not just forgeries.

The problem with the ‘thinking’ of Southworth is that it is disrespectful of the facts.  The ‘abstinence only’ method of preventing pregnancy, or not spreading sexually transmitted diseases, was an idea that some in the right-wing tried to pretend actually worked.  In the end we all know that ‘abstinence only’ is a goal that conservatives want to pretend as a sound idea, when in reality it is bogus.  Too many youth are not waiting to have sex, and the means to remedy unwanted pregnancies and STD’s is through sound sex education. The fact Southworth and his kind lost the argument on this matter is what frustrates him, and makes for his comments now.  Southworth knows there is no basis in law for his off-the-wall-remarks about this new, and needed state law.

Funny thing is that if a teenage girl was having unprotected sex and became pregnant I am sure that Southworth would be the first in line to deny the girl an abortion.  Why he then can not see the value in protecting the girl with information before such an event baffles me.  Why he would not want the teenage boy to know the safe use of a condom just does not make sense.

Which is why the new law passed by the Wisconsin State Legislature comes into action.    What gets those under the rocks like Southworth all bent out of shape is that the state law is so logically sound.  The law requires schools that have sex education courses to teach students medically accurate, age-appropriate information, including how to use birth control and prevent sexually transmitted disease.  For those like Southworth that disdain science and facts this method for teaching sex education must seem fanciful.  

After all if they start teaching sex education in the schools someone might want to bring a pool table into town and we all know where that leads a place like Juneau County.

Trouble, oh we got trouble,
Right here in River City!
With a capital “T”
That rhymes with “P”
And that stands for Pool,
That stands for pool.
We’ve surely got trouble!
Right here in River City,
Right here!
Gotta figger out a way
To keep the young ones moral after school!
Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble…

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  1. Flesticle permalink
    October 25, 2010 5:58 PM

    What an a-hole! It is further proof that a college degree doesn’t confer common sense, wisdom or the ability to actually think.

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