The Passing Of Nan Cheney

This morning Madison’s Nan Cheney passed away.  She fought the good battle of living a productive and fruitful life, and always stood on the side of justice.  Just this past Monday her husband, Dave, and son were at our home surveying the property.  We talked about Nan and her health and I was informed she was not doing well. 

I first met Nan at the statehouse and came to admire her faith in a better world if we all stepped up to make it happen. She never lost that faith, and as such she will continue to be a source of strength for her family and friends as we continue to make our way in the world. The clouds opened this afternoon and let go a good cry.  But let’s remember that tears are not just for sadness. There  are also tears of joy. Since I think Nan is in a much better place tonight let us see the rain as a sign of hope and calming peace-not just for Nan, but for those who will one day see her again.

2 thoughts on “The Passing Of Nan Cheney

  1. James

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Nan’s family and friends at this time of sorrow. We are grateful for Nan’s work to better our entire community over the course of so many years.

  2. Salli Martyniak

    I had the pleasure and honor of crossing paths with Nan and my life is so much better for it. I always told Nan that I wanted to “be Nan Cheney when I grew up”. That will never happen because there will only be one Nan in our lifetime – thank god for giving her to us. My heart goes out to David and her family.

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