Court Nominee Elena Kagan Looks Better As NRA Blasts Her

I laugh.  On this issue of a Supreme Court nominee the NRA, rhetoric aside, has zero chance of making a difference. 

The National Rifle Association announced Thursday that it would oppose Ms. Kagan’s confirmation and publish the votes of senators in its candidate evaluations, just as it did with Justice Sotomayor. The so-called N.R.A. score, which rates politicians on their friendliness to gun rights, has been an important factor in past judicial confirmations; it helped drive down Republican support for Justice Sotomayor, and could do the same for Ms. Kagan.

“That’s going to hurt her,” Mr. Hatch said Thursday in a brief interview.

What might hurt more is the fact the Senators need the NRA guidance to make up their mind on how to vote.  Even giving lip service to it, such as Hatch did, undermines his role as a Senator.  And a man. 

If a group of disgruntled Senate Republicans started to make too much noise with the NRA issue, I think it would backfire on the senators for carrying water for those who tote guns.  It is too late in the game to pull that over-used card out of their pocket.

Steve Cochran Fires Back At WGN Radio

Hat Tip To Ferrell Gummitt

This is one heck of a read….and a most blunt assessment of WGN radio.  Click the link and read it all….you will not be disappointed.

What I have witnessed is the worst possible kind of management that trips over itself to cover their asses and manage up, so that Randy Michaels will keep them around and overpay them for jobs they don’t deserve.  Chicago deserves better than that.  The question is: Is it too late to save Tribune Company?