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Read “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Survey Sent To Military

July 9, 2010

If our armed forces are such a bunch of pussies that they can’t adapt to gay men and women in their ranks what chance do they have of defeating the Taliban?  According to the redneck logic gay service people are going to make passes at the rest of the armed forces.  To that I have a question.  If ‘GI Joe’ can not resist the temptations of ‘GI Mo’ then what hope is there they can beat an insurgency?  Can you image President Truman allowing a survey to go out asking what the rednecks thought of black soldiers?  This is insane!  Read the survey at the link.  President Obama needs to make a decision.  Following that a few malcontents may need to be busted down a rank or two to show who is in charge, and then let us move on.  Every other civilized nation in the world has stopped the discrimination against gay folks in the military, and it is time for America to join the rest of the enlightened world.

Enough said.

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