Anita Bryant Brings Gay Bigotry Back To The Stage

This is utterly confounding.  I grew up at a time when Anita Bryant bashed gays, thinking that she was on the cutting edge of a trend that would allow for all sorts of strict laws and moral codes to be enacted that would slam the door on social justice once and for all.  In high school many of my peers were able to see the folly of her thinking, and laughed at her.  In time Anita Bryant found she was on the other side of history, and was shunned by many.  But now she has somehow found an audience, and will stride onto the stage…with teabaggers in attendance…. to once again recreate her haranguing against homosexuals.  Some have no shame.

The controversial Queen of Gay Hate, Anita Bryant, will be returning to the stage on July 9, 2010 for a patriotic performance in Yukon, OK before an Oklahoma-based group that has become nationally known for its malevolent attacks on gays and whose members include the husband of leading homophobe State Rep. Sally Kern.  

Bryant’s appearance is part of a two-day conference spanning July 9th and 10th calling for a return to America’s Christian heritage, a crusade against Muslims and gays, and will coincide with the first ever Patriot Pastors Tea Party. The headliner for the event is the widely discredited David Barton, who, to push his Christian heritage agenda, has been caught numerous times fudging history and fabricating quotes that he would then claim were made by the Founding Fathers. Barton has gained criticism for speaking at Christian Identity gatherings that called for the execution of homosexuals.   

6 thoughts on “Anita Bryant Brings Gay Bigotry Back To The Stage

  1. Oh, cluck! Not Anita Bryant again!

    My fantasy, every time I encounter one of these uber-phobes (allergic to absolutely everything that they imagine they are not) is that someone in their close family comes out right in the middle of one of their rant-a-thons. It doesn’t matter what the family member comes out AS–could be they’re closet atheists, or closet transvestites, or closet Obama-voters–just as long as they come out in a big way, preferably to the press, and drag some family tell-all with them.

    We liberal Southern chicks know a good time when we see it.

  2. Patrick

    Don’t you find it interesting that you write on July 14th that she “will stride on stage”? Perhaps I’m missing something here, but the event was to happen on July 9 and 10. My point is not to note a verb tense problem, but to wonder why you don’t comment on what actually happened or what she actually said. Did she even actually appear. I’m sure that Bryant is 100 years behind society, a cave dweller to be sure. But there are other problems here, too.

    My brief search could find no real articles on the patriotic pastors tea party. Because two events “coincide” does not mean that one is related to the other, either. Perhaps you know something you don’t share?

    1. Some items that can be posted at any time (given the content)are written in advance and dated to post at a certain day and time. As a one-man blogging operation here that is vital. It keeps content constantly appearing, as keeping blogs fresh is important for readership. Since I was not planning to be blogging much on the 14th I had two items pre-written. One was this post. One of the slip-ups of pre-writing is when time-frame mistakes happen. I trust this does not happen often. But at least you know why it happened.

      As for follow-up on this event…I know of nothing.

  3. Rob

    I am so sorry that Anita Bryant has still not seen that hate is not a value that Christians should model. Hate of gay folk or Muslims or whoever is horrible.

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