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Tammy Baldwin Remains On Ballot, GOP Should Be Embarrassed

July 21, 2010

There was little doubt that the hyper-politicized actions of the Republican Party, this time being carried out through the Young Republicans, would fail.  Still, the questions raised concerning Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and her nomination papers had to proceed through the normal process.  I might add that these questions have been raised and answered before.

Some are slow learners it appears.

This angers me because the Young Turks, err Republicans, knew full well why our Congresswoman uses the address she does for her nomination papers.  It is no secret that Tammy Baldwin is gay, and it is no secret that there are truly screwy people who wish gay people harm.  Especially high-profile elected gay people.  With that said there should have been no question raised as to why Baldwin uses her Washington office as her voting address.  Who would want to begrudge her a level of safety that we all would want for ourselves in our home?  Shame on whoever concocted this idea as it shows no class whatsoever.  What it does show is a depth of dirty politics that most people are disgusted by.

As with any frivolous lawsuit brought to court, I think the Republican Party should pay the cost of making the GAB conduct a vote on this matter.  Let them pay for the paperwork and copying involved.  Knowing full well why this matter was not a legitimate issue the GOP should be held accountable for wasting taxpayer’s money.   After all, is it not the GOP who complain about wasteful spending all the time?

If this action against Baldwin is the best that the current crop of GOP hopefuls have in the Second Congressional District it is going to be one very long and embarrassing election season for them.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board on Wednesday unanimously rejected a complaint filed by the Young Republicans of Dane County alleging that she wrongly listed her campaign office as her address on the papers instead of her voting address.  

State election officials have long allowed Baldwin, who is openly gay, to use her campaign office as her address since she’s received threats since first elected in 1998. 

  1. July 23, 2010 7:31 PM


    I do not see a contradiction, since I am not mixing apples and oranges. I think on this matter you are.

    If a group of people wish to petition their government to enact a policy change they should be required to do so in the light of day. The courts agree with that view. That is how good government works.

    That notion does not run counter to my desire to see a public official remain safe in her own home given there are those who wish her harm. She needs to be just as open and honest about her stands on the issues, and her votes need to be just as openly recorded as any other member of Congress. The only linkage there is between Baldwin, and the those you mention in your comment concerns the roles they play in government, or the political process. Both need to be open and honest on that count.

    While a petiton signer is another ‘Joe Smith’. a member of Congress stands out and attracts some real nuts at times who wish them harm. When that can be proved it is then proper that those who can make a correction to the rules do so.

  2. Rover permalink
    July 21, 2010 9:54 PM

    Why did anyone seriously consider this since everyone who has lived here for her entire time in Congress has been aware of the threats and reasons to safeguard some info. I think these college kids were not even in high school when she started in Congress so perhaps they need to study more and talk less of things they do not know.

  3. Patrick permalink
    July 21, 2010 3:30 PM

    So people who sigh their names to petitions should be exposed, but politicians should be able to keep their addresses secret. “Home of the Brave!” Your thoughts here are a huge contradiction of your previous thinking.

    Gals to see the young republicans usings Obama’s own tactics.

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