A Friend’s Daughter Was Struck By Lightening On Thursday Night

Wild weather hit around southern Wisconsin Thursday night causing heavy rain and tornadic activity.  It also caused a friend’s daughter to be hit by lightening.  Her mother wrote the following today in an email.

Thought I’d share with you my daughter’s experience from the storm last night.  During the storm she and her friend were going outside and my daughter leaned against the metal door with her back on the door to let her friend go first.  Just then she heard an explosion and lightening struck the house and hit her in the back throwing her across the porch and on the ground.  She doesn’t know whether she had a seizure or not but her friend said her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head and she was shaking.  It was a good thing her friend was there to call 911, no telling what would have happened otherwise as her friend yelled at her and slapped her face to keep her alert.  Her blood pressure was 185/110 when the rescue squad got there, but they were able to bring that down as they were getting closer to Madison.  Of course, oxygen had to be administered.  The doctors were concerned about her heart but the EKG showed everything was fine so she got home from the hospital around midnight last night.  I spoke with her this morning and she is very, very sore.  She’s probably exaggerating, of course, but said there must have been 100 nurses and doctors going in and out of her room and probably 10 or so met her at the door when she was being brought in.  She asked a nurse why there’s so much traffic in and out of her room because she was beginning to feel like a monkey in the zoo and the nurse said no one on the staff has seen a lightening victim and probably never will again.

I think they need to consider putting a wooden door on the building they live in…….

AFA Boycott Of Home Depot Over Gay Rights

The three-thumb crowd, better known as the American Family Association, would like to inform you that Home Depot is undermining apple pie and the Fourth of July. 

How so, you ask? 

By providing plants and building material so gay couples can re-gentrify neighborhoods? 


By being a place where gay people shop and meet other gay people?


Instead the three-thumbers are upset that Home Depot offers insurance benefits to same-sex partners of homosexual employees.  In addition, Home Depot is involved in communities where gay people fight for equal rights.

So to combat this ‘offense’ the three-thumbers are mounting a campaign to stop America from shopping at Home Depot. 

This will generate just the opposite effect that the conservatives wish for.  I suspect the next time corporate profits are tallied Home Depot can smile all the way to the bank.

Prince Bandar Makes A Blip In The News

Back when Prince Bandar was the Saudi Ambassador to the United States his presence was everywhere.  From television to newspaper articles his personality was truly captivating, and as such he was given media attention. He was always one that I liked a great deal to listen to, and following him in the news was easy as he was always reported on.  Now all that is much harder.  Almost impossible.    Since Prince Bandar returned to Saudi Arabia in 2005 for the position of heading up their National Security Council he has been rumored linked to a coup attempt, and others have him under house arrest.  None of this can be verified, and for whatever faith my readers have in my gut instinct, I think both of those rumors are bunk.  But still it is not easy to get information on this man.  So it was with interest in The Economist that I read the only lines I have seen about him in many, many months.    The article was evaluating the future leadership of Saudi Arabia.  After hundreds of column inches that most magazines would have given to this man over the years it all comes down to a few measly lines.

Another of Sultan’s sons, Prince Bandar, served for two decades as Saudi ambassador in Washington until he was appointed head of the Saudi National Security Council in 2005 (he now seems to have fallen into disfavour).

Some people reckoned that since Sultan’s poor health may make him unlikely to outlive Abdullah, the king was persuaded to anoint another Sudairi in the interests of family peace. Wilder talk suggested that it was not ill health but rumours of the alleged insubordination of his son, Bandar, that seemed to threaten Sultan’s accession.