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Prince Bandar Makes A Blip In The News

July 23, 2010

Back when Prince Bandar was the Saudi Ambassador to the United States his presence was everywhere.  From television to newspaper articles his personality was truly captivating, and as such he was given media attention. He was always one that I liked a great deal to listen to, and following him in the news was easy as he was always reported on.  Now all that is much harder.  Almost impossible.    Since Prince Bandar returned to Saudi Arabia in 2005 for the position of heading up their National Security Council he has been rumored linked to a coup attempt, and others have him under house arrest.  None of this can be verified, and for whatever faith my readers have in my gut instinct, I think both of those rumors are bunk.  But still it is not easy to get information on this man.  So it was with interest in The Economist that I read the only lines I have seen about him in many, many months.    The article was evaluating the future leadership of Saudi Arabia.  After hundreds of column inches that most magazines would have given to this man over the years it all comes down to a few measly lines.

Another of Sultan’s sons, Prince Bandar, served for two decades as Saudi ambassador in Washington until he was appointed head of the Saudi National Security Council in 2005 (he now seems to have fallen into disfavour).

Some people reckoned that since Sultan’s poor health may make him unlikely to outlive Abdullah, the king was persuaded to anoint another Sudairi in the interests of family peace. Wilder talk suggested that it was not ill health but rumours of the alleged insubordination of his son, Bandar, that seemed to threaten Sultan’s accession.

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