Boom System At B.B. Clarke Will Be In Place Rest Of Summer

Many have noticed a positive outcome in the City of Madison since the experimental boom system has been placed into the lakes at various beaches.  Since the boom that is designed to reduce bad algal scum from getting near B.B. Clarke Beach was placed in the water a month ago there has not been a single day that the beach was closed.  Local residents, and the countless users of the beach have noticed, and appreciated the result of this experiment.

The boom seems to be working, and that is news we all can be excited about.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources did get some data from a sampling in early July that indicated there were undetectable toxins with less algae inside the boom swimming area, and outside the boom along both side walls algae levels were higher and the toxins were elevated enough to be a health concern.  But since this summer, at least thus far, has not produced a lot of really bad algal scum a decision has been made to allow the boom experiment to last all summer, according to an email from Dick Lathrop, with the Wisconsin DNR.   A longer time for the boom to be in the water allows for more and better data to be collected.

I applaud those who are working on this matter, and monitoring the effects it has on B.B. Clarke Beach.  While  some people are wishing the diving platform were back in the lake, most local homeowners and residents are more concerned about the environmental impact of the boom, and the positive effects more data can provide for future projects of this type. 

Therefore I suggest folks not worry about the diving platform this year.  A drowning took place last week at the beach.  Nighttime use of the diving board would occur no matter what the city ordinances say if it were in the water, and the boom could prove to be a problem for some when going or coming from the diving platform.  For that reason lets keep the diving platform out of the water this summer.  Perhaps in the future the boom device can be extended to such an area that the diving board can be inside the protected area.

For now the data can be collected, and used so future years will see more days like we have had this year.  One with laughing splashing kids in the water, and parents watching while sitting under a shading tree.

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