Elvis Presley Postmortem Examination Tools Not For Sale At Auction

Look, I do not make the news up.  I just pass it along.

An auction of instruments allegedly used in Elvis Presley’s autopsy has been cancelled. “Due to questions of ownership,” the retired embalmer behind the sale will instead “donate” the tools to an unknown party. 

Last week, a Chicago auction house announced that it would be selling a grisly collection of music memorabilia, including rubber gloves, lip brushes, needle injectors, forceps and aneurysm hooks used in the singer’s postmortem examination. An embalmer in Memphis had apparently stored the tools since 1977, but now hoped to let fans “own a piece of the celebrity themselves”. 

Officials at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers have now withdrawn the lot, reportedly at the request of the owner and his son. The objects will instead be turned over to the funeral home that originally administered the autopsy, or at least its parent company, “with the intention of donation”. It is not clear whether Graceland or another Elvis museum is interested in the tools. 

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the president of the Memphis Funeral Home, EC Davies, kept Presley’s embalming report in his desk. He later donated it to a funeral service museum in Houston, but the Presley family has never granted permission for it to be displayed. Last week, Davies questioned the authenticity of the auction items. “Anybody could fake something like this,” he said. “It’s ridiculous.”

2 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Postmortem Examination Tools Not For Sale At Auction

  1. mike wright

    i am a elvis fan and would not evenwant something like that for any reason who in their sick mind would , i think there are way to many people wanting already to try to make money of this man since his untimely death in 1977 all it has been is making money of of elvis why don’t people just let the man rest in peace, he never cared about the money he done everything on stage and off just to make people happy and here we have hogs who just want to ake money off a great man like elvis

    1. patricia west

      how can any one every think of buying such a ghoulish thing every one loved elvis just let him rest in peace.. he must be so desperate for money .. elvis for ever .. great elvis fan xxx

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