How Many Days Will Jurors Deliberate In Rod Blagojevich Trial?

Judge Zagel told the jurors in the Rod Blagojevich trial to come back on Wednesday and be prepared for the jury instructions.  That may take the better part of a day.  Following that the moment these men and women of the jury have waited for will have finally arrived.  They will go to their jury room for discussions, and begin to ponder the points of the case that was presented to them.

As federal prosecutor Chris Niewoehner made clear to the jury in closing arguments the law “doesn’t require you to be successful in a crime; when you agree to commit a crime you’ve just committed one.”

That is more than enough for this jury to send a message loud and clear all over Illinois about the dreadful actions of Rod Blagojevich.  There should be no long days and sleepless nights for this jury.  While ample time should be given to make sure all minds are comfortable with the needed outcome there should also be swift justice from this jury.  Anything less would be just one more insult to a citizenry that has had to deal with more than its share of Blagojevich’s crap.

While Rod Blagojevich will doubtless cry foul when found guilty, and ask for a new trial based on some convoluted legal reasoning, the people of Illinois will know that a jury sent a clear message based on the case that was presented.  The jury can then go home knowing they have done their public duty.

Hopefully Rod Blagojevich will go to jail and never be heard from again.

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