Hibiscus Bloom Like Small Plate

The size of the Hibiscus blooms never fail to draw attention.  This one measured 8 inches across.  Though amazing blooms, they are short-lived.

2 thoughts on “Hibiscus Bloom Like Small Plate

  1. Jim Bouman

    It is not a true Hibiscus, I’m told. Hibiscus is a tropical plant with bloss0ms similar in shape, but much smaller.
    Some call this a “Rose of Sharon”. Others call it “Hardy Hbiscus”.
    Anyone know what it is?

  2. Solly

    I think this is what’s called a pie plate hibiscus. http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/1380539100052264199faBxEI We had one in the garden in Madison for quite a few years, I think purchased at the farmers’ market, but it died after a bad winter. Most hibiscus have to be brought in for the winter. We also have Rose of Sharon bushes in the yard, that were brought back from Michigan. They look like small hibiscus blooms, so I assume they are first cousins, once removed

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