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Would You Want Scott Jensen Working On Your Campaign This Fall?

August 2, 2010

If this is the year that the voters turn their anger on the established political system, then would it be wise to have Scott Jensen, the former Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, doing work for any political campaign?  Since Scott Jensen was  criminally charged in 2002 for misconduct in public office for using tax-paid employees to do campaign work for Republican candidates on state time, and then found guilty of three felonies and one misdemeanor on March 11, 2006, would anyone want to be tarred with having him assisting on a campaign in 2010? 

Since Jensen’s conviction he has undertaken an elaborate and expensive gaming of the legal system to have his guilty verdict thrown out and a new trial ordered.  After all he was charged in 2002, and this is now mid-summer 2010!  Ordinary citizens with no means at their disposal can only image what jail cell they would have served their time.  Yet, this former powerful Speaker of the Assembly has seemingly nothing to fear.

And now Scott Jensen is back into politics.

Jensen has become a senior adviser for the American Federation of Children – a group that supports tax-funded vouchers for poor kids to attend private schools.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice says Jensen’s group is expected to be involved in some state campaigns this fall – mainly a primary for Senate Democrat Jeff Plale’s seat in South Milwaukee.

Bice says Jensen is also a key figure in the Jobs First Coalition, which is raising money for Assembly races. And he’s reportedly giving informal help to several candidates including GOP lieutenant governor hopeful Rebecca Kleefisch.

I read lots of political commentary and analysis and it all seems to trend towards a year of voter discontent about a number of issues.  One of them is the entrenched and rank smell that comes from the way the political process often plays out in both parties.  Scott Jensen is still the poster boy for all that was wrong in the statehouse.  (And perhaps still is….) But by the actions of those who have allowed Scott Jensen back into the ballgame it appears the GOP…and other conservatives…. think they are immune from the voter backlash.

Voters beware!

  1. August 2, 2010 2:49 PM

    Good eyes!

    Not a misprint, hence my line, “the GOP…and other conservatives…”

  2. Ferrell Gummitt permalink
    August 2, 2010 2:25 PM

    When all is said and done I would rather have George Ryan working on my campaign.

    Jeff Blale is a Democrat from South Milwaukee? Is that a misprint?

    Blale needs to run and run fast from Scott Jensen.


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