What Caused Mozart’s Death? 118 Possible Reasons

Those who seek out the clues to such things as the death of Mozart fascinate me. 

There is no direct medical evidence to ponder over and reflect on as to why Mozart died.  An autopsy was not performed, and even if one had been conducted there are no medical records available for researchers to pour over today.  Yet interest remains high, and talented people still pursue the possible reasons why Mozart died in the manner he did.  There are 118 possible reasons he died.  One even links the shape of his ear to a urinary tract issue. 

Regardless of why he died, we do know with some certainty how he died.

The outline of Mozart’s final illness is clear. He took to his bed on Nov. 20, 1791, after an intense period that produced “The Magic Flute,” “La Clemenza di Tito,” the Clarinet Concerto, a Masonic cantata and parts of his Requiem. His hands and feet swelled. He grew listless, suffered vomiting fits and ran a fever.

On Dec. 4 several friends apparently went to his bedside to sing parts of the Requiem. In the evening Mozart took a turn for the worse, and his doctor, Thomas Closset, was summoned from the theater but sent word that he would come once the show was over. When he arrived, he ordered cold compresses applied to Mozart’s head, which witnesses said caused the patient to shudder. An hour past midnight on Dec. 5, Mozart was dead, at 35.

One thought on “What Caused Mozart’s Death? 118 Possible Reasons

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