Why Does The Defense Department Need So Many Bands?

Why isn’t the Tea Party upset with this waste?

I have always argued that the number of bands being paid for by taxpayers for the defense department was insane.  Not that I do not love music and a good band.  But really, what is the point?  The rampant waste of money in the defense department is legendary.  But when it came to the money spent on military bands no one ever really complained the way I have over this matter.  I could rarely ever find anyone cranked on the issue, or really even interested.

But then today I read this in the Washington Post, and perhaps……just perhaps…..there might be others who will see the light.

The Washington-based Navy Band, with 105 members and a 24-person support staff, has eight chamber music ensembles, plus the Commodores, a 19-person jazz ensemble; the Sea Chanters, a chorus of 23; the seven-person country bluegrass group Country Current; and a pop entertainment ensemble, the Cruisers, with two vocalists and six instrumentalists.

In addition, there are two Navy bands in Japan and Italy, one in Hawaii and eight across the U.S. mainland. For example, there is the Navy Band New Orleans, which has not only a ceremonial/marching unit but also the Express (top 40/variety); Navy Showband South (show/dance); and the Crescent City Brass Quintet Brass Band (traditional New Orleans), according to its Web site.

Located in Washington, the Air Force Band has 180 musicians along with it own “staff of music arrangers, composers and copyists who create many of the works performed by the band,” according to its Web site. It, too, has a number of ensembles, including the Singing Sergeants and its newest group, Max Impact, “four of the Air Force’s most dynamic vocalists and supported by a hard-hitting five-piece rhythm section,” its Web site says.

2 thoughts on “Why Does The Defense Department Need So Many Bands?

  1. They are a waste of money.

    They serve no purpose for the defense of the United States.

    I do not like the fact they are used as a means of recruiting young men into the military.

    (Repeat from top.)

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