Gov. Jan Brewer’s Latest Gig Is Bashing United Nations

I give Arizona Governor Jan Brewer credit for not replaying the old hits over and over.  She comes up with a new stage act just as the old one was getting stale.   After all, bigots need new material like everyone else.   Her latest attempt to get to the top of the charts is by bashing the United Nations.  Problem is that this has been done so many times before that the notes fall flat before they even leave her tongue.  At her age she should know better than to ‘cover’ another’s songbook.

Brewer’s latest outrage is over a report by the United Nations making mention of the unconstitutional immigration law in Arizona that she signed into law.  The courts have not looked kind on the measure she signed.  No one with a working brain stem thought the bill should ever have been signed into law.  That she now seems embarrassed enough about the law and her actions to make all this fuss is a sign of hope I guess.  Who would want any more  coverage of this dreadful action?   Even she must know that the rest of the world will find her actions shameful.

To confuse the matter, all for her political purposes, Brewer is spinning away that the Obama White House is trying to place her actions in Arizona up for review by the big-ole-bad-and-scary United Nations.  Had Brewer taken the time to read that section of the report on human rights regarding her state she would know that the writing merely acknowledges the law has caused much debate and signficant attention.  That is all it does.  The report is not all that long, under 30 pages, and I am betting one of her staff could even underline the portion that deals with this matter to make it easier for her to read.

To confuse and try to roil the waters over this matter is further evidence that Governor Brewer is continuing to do what we all know she was doing this whole time.  That is to use immigration as a wedge issue, a lighting rod, and raw meat for her election purposes.

For that alone she should be defeated at the polls.

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