MATC District Board Should Consider Stressed Taxpayers Before Asking For $134 Million


During a severe economic turn-down this is perhaps one of the more gutsy things that anyone has asked the voters to ponder. 

MATC President Bettsey Barhorst has called this “an historic week” as the MATC District Board will vote Wednesday on sending a referendum for up to $134 million this November to the voters. 

While there are points of merit in the large building request, there are other parts that speak more to wants than needs.    For instance, MATC does not need residence halls!  One has to question also the wisdom of tearing down the Mitby Theater, in order to build another, but smaller one.  MATC is NOT the UW-Madison, and should perhaps be reminded of its mission.  Though these items have been removed from the budget requests for Phase One of the project, there is no doubt these matters will be up for taxpayers to deal with down the road.  This piece-meal approach is designed to get everything MATC wants at some point.

I hope also that the MATC Board and administration under the auspices of President Barhorst’s office explains in the upcoming campaign that this $134 million is but the tip of the iceberg of proposed changes to the physical plant of MATC.  Page 14 of the Master Facilities plan, linked to earlier, shows that the price tag is actually much much higher.  They are rolling out “phase one” of the plan so as not to terrify the voting public, but what they will eventually be asking for is more than double this current amount.

As the days go along voters will have a chance to see what MATC has in mind to do with the money for phase one if taxpayers allow it.  But at a time of high unemployment and great uncertainty about the economic health of families in the area this is just not the time to make such a request, and tap family budgets that are already stressed.

The District Board at the meeting Wednesday needs to consider that taxpayers are not in a position to make the grand schemes of some a reality.  After all, these are days when too many folks are trying to pay the mortgage and struggle with part-time jobs. 

That is the reality of election season 2010.

The MATC District Board needs to be mindful of that fact.

Video: Chatting With People At Glenn Beck Rally

Another great couple of videos of the Glenn Beck rally.

One camera, a microphone, and some truly misguided and uninformed people make for amazing moments to watch.  When pushed just a little no one can go past the  words of a bumper sticker.  Which again makes my larger point about these folks.

Breaking News: Chicago Mayor Richard Daley Not To Seek Another Term

This is a true shocker.

This opens the floodgates for the most contested election in Chicago in decades.  Please recall that either Mayor Daley or his father have been mayor for 42 of the last 55 years.  This is the news story of the day.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he’s not running for re-election after decades in office.

Daley said Tuesday he’s been thinking about not running for several months and has become comfortable with his decision over the last several weeks. Daley says “it just feels right.” Daley says the time to move on “is now.”

The 68-year-old Democrat has been Chicago’s mayor since 1989.

Democrats Should Vote For Mark Neumann And Dave Westlake In Republican Primary

In many places around Wisconsin there is not a real competitive race on the Democratic side to deal with come Primary Day on September 14th.  As such there has been chatter among friends, folks at the Farmers’ Market, and others about the need for Democrats to trim the sails of a couple of Republicans in the upcoming primary.  The fact is that voting in the Republican primary may prove very beneficial to Democrats in Wisconsin come November.

Let us be clear about something.

There is no need to worry about who the Democratic Lt. Governor will be if Democrats can not win the top state job.

Since Wisconsin allows for anyone to vote in either party primary I strongly suggest Democrats vote for  Mark Neumann and Dave Westlake.  Both candidates can be taken out by the Democratic nominees come the November election.

I think Mark Neumann has run a smart campaign against Scott Walker, and is not far away from the goal post in the primary.  With some additional  help from Democrats, Walker can be stopped.  While Walker has run a largely negative campaign, Neumann has run a more serene one.  I think that cleaner approach is resonating across the state among the GOP faithful. 

Having said that however, Neumann is no match for Democratic nominee Tom Barrett.  Not only is Neuamann not in touch with the middle section of voters in the state, but Barrett is a sharper campaigner and will do better in the debates.

Ron Johnson is just so appalling that anytime a voter can cast a ballot against him it should not be wasted.  If there is anyone that would pull Wisconsin and the nation backwards, it is Johnson.    From immigration to gay marriage Johnson holds such horrible notions that it is imperative we do all we can to make sure he is not elected.

Those Democrats who choose to vote in the Republican Primary need to be reminded that if they want their ballot to be counted, they can’t cross party lines.  Only one party can be selected for your votes in the primary.