President Obama And American Flags At Press Conferences

If you are like me you often wonder why God made the ‘reply to all’ function on computers.  What it often allows for is the wildest, most off-base, and scurrilous material on the internet to have an even larger reach.  With an electorate that is often not able to grasp a lot of the needed facts of the world on a good day, these mass email forwards only allow for more incorrect blather to take hold.   Is it any wonder that distortions have a way of becoming ‘fact?’

Marion, a friend and reader, asked that I make note of the problem with a forwarded email that she recently received.  Not only am I glad to respond, but this will take no time to handle.

So…..the thrust of the forwarded email swirls around “What is missing at Barrack Hussein Obama’s press conferences?”  That the email left out the term President, but did include his middle name makes the case for the reason to discard the email at once. 

But for the sake of this blog post I continue.

Picture after picture is shown of both democratic and republican presidents standing at press conferences in the White House with the American flag directly behind or slightly off to the side.  But OMG in a picture of President  Hussein Obama there is no flag!!  See, he is trying to undermine baseball, place Sharia law in place, and remove apple pie from diners across the nation.

But hold on one minute!

What do I see in the lapel of President Obama’s suit jacket?  

Could that be an American flag pin?  You know… is! 

Now that starts to unravel the theory of the three-thumb crowd that creates this garbage.  They may know all about the ‘reply all’ function on the computer, but they nothing about Photoshop!  If they are going to create a lie, at least do it all the way.

Then there are those other pictures that the bigots and haters who send out this junk email forget to add.  You know, those pictures of the other Presidents who held press conferences without an American flag. 

SAY WHAT!!    Yup, it is true. 

Other presidents, and WHITE ones at that, stood before the public and made statements without the American flag.   Where were the three-thumbers then to rant and rave?  Or is it only when a black man has been elected President that any of this matters?

First President Nixon.  No flag.

Then President Carter. No flag.

But can you believe…….President Reagan too!  No flag.

What the flag has to do with the press conference is not clear to me.  They are nothing more than a prop in this 24/7  cable news world in which we live.  But to those who create the emails of this type it is ginned up in such a fashion so that it seems to matter.  The three-thumb crowd would prefer to have the flag used as a prop to make a politician look better, than to be reserved for more appropriate uses.   And yet, it is President Obama who is made to look like he is not American enough! 

There is a political perversion among the right-wingers in this country that is truly astonishing, and this type of email proves it.

2 thoughts on “President Obama And American Flags At Press Conferences

  1. Dick Klein

    Here is more evidence that we see (often only) what we look for. Fortunately, your diligence shows the bias error. I wish you could “reply to all” who have read the misleading piece.

  2. TM

    Thank you very much for this post. It’s sad that there are those who are quick to jump to conclusions without doing the research. Too bad people are not as willing to forward something like this. Thanks again.

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