Pope Benedict Aide Calls Britain “Third World” Country

Are these folks to old to run the Vatican?  This is bizarre!

A senior Papal adviser has pulled out of the Pope’s UK visit after saying arriving at Heathrow airport was like landing in a “Third World” country.

Cardinal Walter Kasper reportedly told a German magazine the UK was marked by “a new and aggressive atheism”.

The Vatican said the cardinal had not intended “any kind of slight” and had pulled out because of illness.


How about saying it like it is?

He was yanked for saying something truly stupid.

Humor After A Long Wisconsin Primary Election

Kale Bodendein, a friend of mine, wrote on his Facebook page something that made me laugh like crazy.  As such I want to share it.  It has been a long primary season in Wisconsin and we need humor.

So here is what made me laugh.

Thank god! It looks like the Republican is going to win the Sauk. Co coroners race! So sick of those activist liberal coroners running around, trying to redefine what death is or isn’t.

Does Pope Benedict Care About Clergy Sex Abuse In England?

One has to wonder.

More than half of the Catholic clergy jailed for paedophile activity in England and Wales remain in the priesthood – with several receiving financial support from church authorities.

There are also claims the church has breached guidelines it agreed to in 2001 by not punishing offenders appropriately and that it has even relaxed some of the rules on how to treat them.

Congressman Charlie Rangel Should Imitate Reggie Bush

To stay conversant with the other 97% of the nation I scan the sports pages of the newspaper every morning.  Most days I stifle a yawn.  Today however I was impressed with a story about an action taken by an athlete, an action that if applied elsewhere, could make a real difference.

Reggie Bush said that he will forfeit his Heisman Trophy.  He will give the Heisman back as he did not want “the dignity of this award” to be tarnished by the actions he took while playing football at Southern California.  

While it is possible that Bush might have been forced to relinquish the honor in the days ahead anyway, that should not get in the way of the news that Bush made.  It was a correct upstanding thing to do in light of the charges that have been made about his receipt of hundreds of thousands of dollars of gifts while he played college football.

His statement about the pride he felt over the award was clearly from the heart, and I suspect that he was most sincere about his desire to own up to his actions and make amends.

But as I read how Reggie Bush righted a wrong it made me think about the news of  Congressman Charlie Rangel winning his primary last night in New York.   While I like  Rangel as a politician, and respect his stands on the issues, I also know he needs to make a graceful exit from the stage.  The ethical lapses he made while in office were inexcusable for a member of Congress. 

Rangel needs to leave Congress and consider “the dignity” that Bush spoke of when returning the Heisman.  Rangel needs to consider what he owes to Congress and the people who he let down.

It is never easy to admit human failings and take a step back from the place one has long resided.  History is littered with politicians who did not act as their better angels advised.    In our own lives we all know how it is to be wrong, and yet fight on for some principle that in reality we have no right to try to stand on.

That is where Congressman Rangel now finds himself.

Reggie Bush seems to care about college football players and the struggles they often encounter.  I know Charlie Rangel has a deep affection for public service and the institutions of government.  He has proved that for decades as he fought for the average American.  But just as high-flying plays on the football field does not exonerate Bush’s actions, the policy concerns of Rangel does not excuse his lapses in judgment.

It is now time for Charlie Rangel to step up to a microphone and make a statement.  By doing so Rangel can make a mark for the history books that will serve him well.

And the voters he represents.

Congratulations To Bob And Marion Wilson On 43rd Wedding Anniversary

It’s been forty-three years since high school sweethearts Robert “Bob” and Marion tied the knot at the little Methodist church in the town where Marion grew up.  It was a small ceremony with few guests.  Rev. Sid Buzzell greeted the family and friends of the couple and smiled fondly on Marion who was stunning that day.  “The church looked lovely with baskets of gladiolas on the altar rail.  My gown, which I made myself,” wrote Marion several years ago, “was a white, empire waist, floor length with a train and long veil.  The veil I borrowed from my cousin, Anne.”  Marion’s attendant, Carol Walker, wore a blue empire waist, floor length gown.  Robert was dressed in a nice suit.  Standing next to him was his cousin, Rick.

In her Wedding Memories Album, Marion wrote of how they came to know each other:  “We met in high school our senior year.  Robert sat right in front of me in homeroom.  He used to tease me and I used to do his English homework.”  She adds, “Our first date was Sunday, April 3.  We went bowling over to Pittsfield.  The next was roller skating in Brewer.  I invited him to go with our Homemaking group.  I also invited Robert to go to Maine Masque at UMO.  I was a season ticket holder with the club through the school (ECA).  We saw the play, September’s Song, and that kind of became “our song”.  A girl who grew up in Stetson, Sandra, was in the play so it made it interesting for him.”  Even today, the couple still enjoys doing things together, from riding four-wheelers to relaxing in the pool.

“We got engaged after a week of rain and your Father couldn’t work so he had gone shopping” Marion adds.  “He had bought rings and was so proud of them.  He was cute.”  Robert, as time would prove, is an old softy.  One of Marion’s most treasured gifts is actually one Robert had made for her one Valentine’s Day.  “He went to his workshop and from an old scrap of wood, cut out a wooden heart for me and wrote his Valentine’s greetings on it.”  There isn’t a hallmark greeting out there as special as the gifts from the heart.

What one does notice about Robert and Marion is their devotion to one another.  Robert is getting ready to retire soon, and Marion is at home with some health issues.  She helps him plan for his future without the forty-hour week, and he vows to be around more to help her with those daily life tasks which have become more difficult.  After raising three kids, building a home together and sharing in all of life’s joys and sorrows, they look forward to even more time together.  They work hard at their relationship, which is why it has lasted so long.  They deserve not only our sincerest congratulations today, their 43rd Anniversary, but also our admiration.