Cancer And Wisconsin Politics

The reports the past few days about two candidates in Wisconsin suffering from cancer has hopefully added some perspective about mere politics from the other issues that confront all of us as humans.  News that Republican lieutenant governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch has colon cancer, and Ed Thompson who is running for the state senate has pancreatic cancer surely made everyone pause for a moment.

If you were like me when hearing the news about both of these candidates you felt that the latest Wisconsin polls or the spin from that ad or endorsement did not seem so important.  All of a sudden the importance of just being alive and healthy was primary and far more important than how to score on the political opponent.

We know that both  Kleefisch and Thompson are trying their best with the political battles currently underway.  Now they also have to fight a more personal battle with a far more aggressive opponent that never plays fair.  Worse yet they have to do part of that in front of the public at election time.    If ever there was a time for some ‘space’ to be granted, these would be two perfect examples of when it should be offered with no explanations needed.  I think the human needs for both of these people far exceeds any political requirements.  Period.

I think everyone from both sides of the aisle, and everywhere in between wishes only the best to these two individuals.  Winning for them will mean far more than the outcome of any election in November.   While I am aware that Kleefisch has very optimistic news from her doctor we are also aware that cancer is tough.   We hope her medical condition improves every day. 

There is probably no more fun-loving politician who has had a bigger shadow to get out from under than Ed Thompson.  I say that in the most kind way about his brother Governor Thompson.   There must be thousands of prayers headed Ed’s way every hour as he fights his battle.  If Ed is as scrappy with cancer as he has been in politics I am betting the house on Ed winning!

For the rest of us this might be a time to think about all the little things we take for granted everyday.  And be thankful for what we have.

2 thoughts on “Cancer And Wisconsin Politics

  1. Leonard Mazurkiewicz

    Amen. Refreshing to read a comment that shows empathy for people’s suffering. I had colon cancer 9 years ago, and as someone who’s been there, your thoughts are right on.

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