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Willy Street Co-Op Driveway Fine With City Of Madison

October 3, 2010

In a letter dated Oct. 1, 2010 from Bradley J. Murphy, Director of Planning
Division to the Plan Commission, and one that would have been received by Mayor David Cieslewicz  along with Alderperson Marsha Rummel, the following was made known.

The driveway proposed by the Co-op is permitted by City ordinances (MGO Section 10.08). A site plan showing the new driveway has been administratively approved by City agencies through the site plan approval process. The driveway may now be installed. No public hearings or actions by the Plan Commission or Common Council were required in order for the proposed driveway to be built, and City staff had no authority to deny the Co-op’s request for the Jenifer Street driveway since it met all ordinance requirements.

It now seems that only common courtesy from the Willy Street Co-Op can stop the driveway. Vegas odds say……….

How this matter was handled by the Co-op in terms of secrecy, and as many residents would term double-dealings, has strained relations with the community.  There will be long-term hard feelings from this matter that the Co-op should have been able to foresee.  The fact they did not see them, and cared less once they were registered, underscores the sour mood many have about the Willy  Street Co-op.

From this blogger’s perspective those harsh feelings are well-founded.

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