Total TV Campaign Ads To Reach $3 Billion

Give me the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858.  When it comes to taking the stock of a candidate let me see them, hear them tangle over the issues while trying to enlighten the electorate.  If only we had candidates with the abilities or courage to act in a campaign as Lincoln and his opponent did we would have a much better political process, and a more engaged citizenry.

What passes now for campaigning with the endless stream of  nauseating televison ads makes me yearn for a major electrical storm that will leave us without power for a night.  Television stations may be getting richer over this style of campaigning, but the country as a whole is suffering as the process has run amuck.

Political advertising continues to gain steam in the run-up to the U.S. midterm elections, helping to bolster the TV business.

Political ad spending on broadcast TV rose this year to $1.23 billion through the week ended Oct. 10, according to Wells Fargo. The report said the $148 million shelled out during that week was the most for any week this year, surpassing the $145 million spent in the week ended Sept. 19.

With a host of competitive races, ad-tracker Campaign Media Analysis Group, a company owned by WPP PLC, expects total ad outlays this election season to reach $3 billion.

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