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Memo To WGN Radio: It Is Mumbai, NOT Bombay!

October 19, 2010

A most disturbing thing was heard on WGN radio Tuesday morning,

After Steve and Johnnie went off the air  I continued listening to WGN radio. I hardly ever do that anymore as I do not care for the radio style of Greg Jarrett. It was then I heard Jarrett and Orion Samuelson talk about an economic story dealing with Mumbai.

Mind you every school kid in the nation calls the city of 14 million in India by its proper name!
But Tuesday morning both Jarrett and Orion Samuelson called it Bombay, and then arrogantly agreed that is what they plan to keep calling it. This happened so fast the exact words were not able to be reprinted here.  This intentional disregard by these two announcers really rankles me. These two conservatives do not get to choose what an international city gets to use as their official name. 
The name was changed to Mumbai to remove the legacy of British colonial rule.
Too bad the intelligence level drops off severely in the WGN studio at 5 AM.
Might they start using Rhodesia again in their daily conversations?  Or will they be traveling to Constantinople soon?

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