Tom Landry Looked Sharp On The Sidelines

Waiting for the start of “60 Minutes” tonight as the NFL played late allowed me time to think back many years when other games ran late.  Back home my dad and I would wait for the final minutes to tick down so we could watch the CBS newsmagazine.  Nothing stands out from those games other than one person who I would see from time to time.

Tom Landry, coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

The reason he was different was due to the fact he dressed like a gentleman on the sidelines.  I am not sure about anything else concerning the man except he seemed different.  Professional.  Like he cared about how others saw him, and that he reflected the team and its stature by the way he presented himself.  My dad and I never knew much about the football teams as many in the country did, but we agreed that Tom Landry looked sharp. 

This picture seems so refreshing in this era of blue jeans at funerals, or untucked shirts on just about everyone too lazy to poke it in, or unable to as the case may be.  Football is only a sport, after all, but I think everyone will agree some things just look nice, even in hindsight when compared with what too often is seen on the sidelines of a game.

Republicans Need To Get Serious About Foreign Affairs

This election season should be seen by everyone as one big insult to our collective intelligence.

At a time of great international flux, two wars being waged by the U.S., a determined element bent on terrorist activities, and restless regions around the globe there was hardly any mention of anything other than gross simplification of taxes and repealing the health care bill.

Now the ones who thought it best to win an election without any real mental preparation for the issues that confront the nation and the world have some serious issues to ponder.

One of those issues involves Russia and three treaties that will need U.S. Senate ratification.  They involve an arms control treaty to reduce nuclear arsenals and resume inspections; a civilian nuclear agreement to permit greater cooperation; and a repeal of cold war-era trade restrictions so Russia can join the World Trade Organization.

This morning on the Sunday news shows the issue of these treaties was presented in the form of a question to one of the new thinkers that was elected, Rand Paul of Kentucky.  He stated he was unlikely to be able to support the treaties.  It would appear from his interview this morning he was potty trained at gun point, so he will not be productive on many issues. Being unreasonable seems more his intent than anything else.   But for the sake of international relations and stability there must be a bi-partisan mass of mature and reasoned senators that jells for passage of the treaties. 

This issue is not new, and while it should have had air-time in the recent elections, requires attention now.

The New York Times had a reminder of the significance of the issue in today’s newspaper.

“This is not a traditionally Democratic or Republican issue but rather an issue of American national security,” Mr. Obama said. “And I am hopeful that we can get that done before we leave and send a strong signal to Russia that we are serious about reducing nuclear arsenals, but also sending a signal to the world that we’re serious about nonproliferation.”

If he fails to win approval before the old Senate adjourns, Mr. Obama’s advisers and allies worry that the relationship with Russia will be frozen at a time when they consider it critical to increase Russian cooperation on several fronts, most notably pressuring Iran to give up its nuclear program.

“If that goes down, everything else is on ice,” said Samuel Charap, an analyst at the Center for American Progress, a liberal research organization. Cooperation on Iran, nonproliferation, Afghanistan and terrorism could be affected, he said. “None of that, zero, is going to happen. It really could have a major effect.”

Within the administration, a nightmare scenario envisions even worse consequences. Russian leaders traditionally have looked for weakness in American counterparts, and Mr. Obama’s failure to impose his will on Congress would be seen as a sign of impotence. That could undercut President Dmitri A. Medvedev, who has made the improved relationship between Russia and the United States a centerpiece of his tenure despite Mr. Putin’s doubts. If the reset comes undone, some analysts suggested it would hurt Mr. Medvedev’s chances of persuading Mr. Putin to let him run for a second term in 2012. It could embolden those in the security establishment who want to keep close ties with Iran. By some estimates, Russia’s decision to go along with sanctions on Iran could cost as much as $13 billion in arms sales.

Most important among those abandoned sales was the transfer of a sophisticated S-300 anti-aircraft system to Tehran that Mr. Medvedev blocked. If relations with the United States deteriorate and Moscow resumed the sale, security specialists said it could provoke Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear program before the S-300 missiles are delivered because, once in place, they would make it far more dangerous for attacking warplanes.

Why Would Anyone Want To Be President?

The current trip by President Obama, like every other trip by presidents of either party, has merit. Presidents really do not fly all over the world just for fun.

In the case of President Obama going to India and parts of Asia it should be noted that there are over 250 business people with him and staff to make sure trade deals are struck. There is all ready talk of a $5.8 billion aircraft sale by Boeing. Not bad.

India is one of the nations we should welcome as a stronger business partner since they are growing at about 8% a year when we are trying to struggle at 2%. I read in the paper today that bilateral trade is expected to be worth more than $50 billion this year alone. This trip by this president, and others like it matter!

Had we run campaigns this fall on issues (GASP!) citizens might be better educated for the need of a more comprehensive Asian strategy. Had any of the candidates talked about something other than how angry they are we might have more from them on record about the need to balance the Pakistan-India divide, as an example.

Lets face it, anger was easier for most than issues.  That goes for the candidates.  That goes for the voters too.  No one gets a pass at not being stupid this election year.

The chatter of how much this trip costs has been a political point for talk radio. The forces that protect the President are not talking, and never do about the cost of making sure all are safe on foreign trips, This chatter is just more politics from those who would bite at Obama if he did nothing to stir the economy, and now snap at him when he does. They would rant if he did not work to keep the nation safe, and chatter when he does.

Why would anyone want to be President?

Sunday Echoes: Nipsey Russell And Lucy Ball

Too many readers are likely saying, “Nipsey who?” 

This is why Sunday Echoes was created.  To recall the people we should not forget.