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Why Would Anyone Want To Be President?

November 7, 2010

The current trip by President Obama, like every other trip by presidents of either party, has merit. Presidents really do not fly all over the world just for fun.

In the case of President Obama going to India and parts of Asia it should be noted that there are over 250 business people with him and staff to make sure trade deals are struck. There is all ready talk of a $5.8 billion aircraft sale by Boeing. Not bad.

India is one of the nations we should welcome as a stronger business partner since they are growing at about 8% a year when we are trying to struggle at 2%. I read in the paper today that bilateral trade is expected to be worth more than $50 billion this year alone. This trip by this president, and others like it matter!

Had we run campaigns this fall on issues (GASP!) citizens might be better educated for the need of a more comprehensive Asian strategy. Had any of the candidates talked about something other than how angry they are we might have more from them on record about the need to balance the Pakistan-India divide, as an example.

Lets face it, anger was easier for most than issues.  That goes for the candidates.  That goes for the voters too.  No one gets a pass at not being stupid this election year.

The chatter of how much this trip costs has been a political point for talk radio. The forces that protect the President are not talking, and never do about the cost of making sure all are safe on foreign trips, This chatter is just more politics from those who would bite at Obama if he did nothing to stir the economy, and now snap at him when he does. They would rant if he did not work to keep the nation safe, and chatter when he does.

Why would anyone want to be President?

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