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Can Governor Doyle Help Scott Walker With Anything Else?

November 8, 2010

Democratic Gov. Doyle says he is leaving the future of Wisconsin’s high-speed train line to his Republican successor who has vowed to kill the project.

I have lots of problems with that.

First, I strongly support the train.

Second, I am a bit old-fashioned about the role of an elected official.

I am one of those who feel that you fight for what you believe in right up to the end.  If the train was right yesterday, it is right today, and tomorrow.

That is why is seems gutless and weak for Governor Doyle not to commit every dollar he can, every person he can, and every ounce of conviction he has to this train project that many know to be right for the state.

When Scott Walker is sworn into office, and if he then thinks he can or should undermine the train project, then it will be on his shoulders for whatever happens. 

But until that time it is Governor Doyle that should lead.  Be it for a full term, or only a matter of weeks, folks voted four years ago for a Democrat to lead this state.

I would like the money I pay for Doyle’s salary to be used for the work he promised this state…..right up until the inauguration in 2011.

  1. Gloria Even permalink
    November 14, 2010 7:32 AM

    Walker is out of control. He is not even Gov. yet. Doyle needs to finish what he started. Walker is never going to make a good governor. we need him out of here. I don’t know what people were thinking when they voted him in.

  2. Patrick permalink
    November 10, 2010 5:34 PM

    Frank: The train was never meant for poor people to ride from the start. Which of them would pay $40 for a ticket to Madison to begin with? And who would travel from Milwaukee to Madison of the other way for a vacation which hinged on the train. As far as 1400 jobs…what jobs? Promises about the number of jobs to be created are pure fantasy–like Walker’s pledge to create 250,000 new jobs in his first term. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Why are you liberals so attached to trains? Get over it.

  3. Frank Pournelle permalink
    November 10, 2010 12:15 PM

    Is Scott Walker stupid, racist or in the pocket of a paving company?
    Serious investigative reporting is needed here. Something is rotten in Milwaukee…

    In support of cancellation of the train from Madison to Milwaukee, Walker claims the project would cost $7.5 million in annual deficit. Yet, backing out at this time will cost $100 million. And say goodbye to 1400 jobs and the defection of numerous manufacturing companies. If you think about it, the hotel tax revenues for added tourism would pay for the so-called operating deficit.

    Does not make any sense, when the USDOT is clear that Wisconsin cannot use train funds for road projects.

    So is Walker under pressure to restrict travel to Madison by lower income and African Americans?

    Or is he under pressure by campaign contributors from oil, auto and paving interests?

    Without a clear idea of who and what is driving his decision making, the numbers just don’t add up!

  4. November 9, 2010 6:39 PM

    What a difference a day makes, Or two days…
    In light of the news items on this during the last day or so, I guess Doyle seems less crazy stopping the Train. I suppose he’d know contract dates and work schedules and the fine print of Federal agreements.
    Tea Partiers have all these adolescent issues with Mom and Dad (the Federal Government) and are all hot to “live their own lives” but just like some spoiled kids, they really underestimate how much life as they know it is a result of Mom and Dad looking out for them.
    Now little Scotty is going to struggle with the idea that the money the folks sent him was really for tuition after all and not to be used to drop out and start a band. Like all snots of his character he’ll spend his energy trying to find plausible ways to blame the Parents, not blame himself.
    On the other hand. I do think he better fight like a bastard to kill this train. He has to. He promised it in no uncertain terms. You can’t run on a firm decision and a resolute promise and then run away from the consequences after the election and still be seen as any kind of man. He has to man-up, kill the train, watch the dollars go elsewhere, and live with the results of his leadership style.
    also – I don’t care how much they love this train, I feel at this point that any Democrats who step in to wrangle to “save it” will be fools. It muddies the waters. It allows Scott wiggle room for re-writing history during his campaign for re-election. I don’t think Dems should actively “work for his failure”. It’s immoral and destructive for the entire nation for a party (as the Republicans have sworn to do ) to work for the “failure of a president” etc. But you can let a guy fall on his own ass as a result of his own actions.

    Mike Tate! Give this guy enough rope to hang himself, that’s always the best method. The hapless Democrats typically do not do that. I expect them to rush to insert themselves between Scott, the Shit, and The Fan. and then struggle again with the next election

  5. NatelyP permalink
    November 9, 2010 9:06 AM

    “gutless and weak” — yeah, that pretty much sums up Jim Doyle and his stint as governor

  6. Patrick permalink
    November 8, 2010 6:19 PM

    This was explained on the radio by Behling this afternoon, and I think he nails it. Walker was able to stop the unpopular Blus Shirt project at the ariport because the artist had missed deadlines (real shocker!) which made the contract void. Since the state has ordered delays on the train project, it can no longer use missed deadlines as a way of stopping the project without paying out the money. Doyle is one smart scumbag.

  7. November 8, 2010 3:44 PM

    LOL @ your title. If it’s a political ply on Doyle’s part, I kinda don’t get it. It can’t be that he is being diligent not to waste the money anymore than it already will have been. The only person who will thank him for that is Cuomo. And while this certainly got the Train a lot of play in the blogs. I don’t see the point. Okay yes, bloggers express their feelings and so they can outrage all they want. But what I mean is, Walker got elected with the Train Kill as a major campaign promise. What makes anyone think that angst over the Train will be “bad” now? A guy just got elected on that, presumably not enough train-support came out when needed. what good does it do now?
    But yes, I agree officials should work as they were doing right until the last minute, aside from being helpful with trasnistions or whatever.
    The lamest part IMO is you can be damn sure that no Republican would give any ground what so ever until dragged screaming from office. In fact, you could expect them to ram as much last minute super-Con stuff thru as humanly possible.
    What will Doyle do next week? cancel Badgercare too?
    The one to be saying “You’re Fired!” should be Walker. He worked hard for that and his supporters love it.

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