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Fight For High-Speed Train In Wisconsin!

November 13, 2010

The lack of logic and long-term thinking is bubbling over when it comes to Scott Walker and his attitude about high-speed train service in Wisconsin.  For someone who touts the need for better economic infrastructure, new businesses, and jobs for our state his continual derision about the train is mystifying.

I think that perhaps Scott Walker is just opposed to anything that President Obama has assisted the nation with, and wants to make a partisan issue out of the train.  Outside of that there is no rational reason for him to oppose a huge victory that Wisconsin receives from this train.

Wisconsinites do not have to follow the spin of a political party, as Walker seems intent on doing.  Therefore most can look at the facts to understand the necessity of the train, and the benefits it will bring to everyone. 

At this time when global competition grows more intense, and states around the nation vie for better marketing strategies  the train will allow us to move quickly into the future.  Other states envy us.  Many are waiting in line to get the money that we are about to turn down if Walker does not see the light.

Wisconsin citizens should work together and force the issue of making this train project a reality.

Start in a small way here. 

Thousands have joined the Save The Train project.  While too many of our fellow citizens were duped into voting for Walker does not mean that we have to be doormats for every policy that he cranks out of his head.  With more newspapers and personalities joining the conversation about why this train matters, and should be constructed, I am confident that logic can prevail.

With your input we can make a difference for our future.

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  1. MaryB permalink
    November 13, 2010 4:33 PM

    Citizen Action of Wisconsin has a email you can send to Walker:
    You do have to give them you info to send the message, but I love the Citizen Action site so it was worth it for me.

    I was wondering; Walker and his followers have a problem with the cost of operation of the train after it is built, right? And the Governor is saying all but 10% of that cost of operation will be picked up by the the Federal Government, right? So if we get rid of the train, as federal taxpayers, we here in Wisconsin will still be paying for %90 of the operation cost of a train built somewhere else, right?

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