Lets Get Out Of Here Before Winter Comes

Was Alfred Hitchcock’s ghost in town filming a sequel to “The Birds”?


Tornado Watch And Rainbow….On November 22nd

Another wacky day of weather.  This afternoon small hail fell briefly on the Madison isthmus as storm clouds puffed along overhead.  There was no summer strength to the storms here in the city, but the fact we were under a tornado watch for a period of time was unique.  After all, this is November 22nd.  I am sure later tonight on the local news we will find out if that watch broke some type of record for happening so late in the year.

Over-head after the storm left there was plenty of sun and the slightest, weakest attempt at a rainbow.

Recalling JFK, And Days Gone By

This time of year we always reflect back and think how things mights have been… 

I was surprised, however, when not long after our return Mrs. Kennedy decided to join her husband on his trip to Texas. It was so soon after the loss of her son, and she hadn’t accompanied the president on any domestic political trips since his election.

Nevertheless, when we left the White House on Thursday, Nov. 21, I could tell that Mrs. Kennedy was truly excited. I remember thinking this would be a real test of her recovery, and that if she enjoyed the campaigning it would probably be a regular occurrence as soon as the 1964 race got into full swing.

The first day of the trip was exhausting. We had motorcades in San Antonio, Houston and finally Fort Worth, where we arrived around midnight. It had been a long day for everyone, and Mrs. Kennedy was drained.

On the morning of Nov. 22, I went to her room at the Hotel Texas to bring her down to the breakfast where President John F. Kennedy was speaking. She was refreshed and eager to head to Dallas. She had chosen a pink suit with a matching hat to wear at their many appearances that day, and she looked exquisite.