VIDEO: Target Store Site Of Black Friday Stampede

Some will mistakenly call me elitist for thinking our country is heading in the wrong direction.  But I feel that black Friday is just another symptom of a huge problem our nation faces.  Turning holidays into greedy shop-a-thons is NOT a positive way to help lower economic people afford all the things they want.  Black Friday is a pathetic way businesses have created get rich schemes at the expense of what the holiday season is all about. 

I am tired of those with greedy motives hijacking the holidays.  And I think more and more people are feeling the same.  I noticed on talk radio this weekend, and on Facebook that folks are echoing my sentiments.  I am glad of that.  I encourage more and more to speak out, talk with neighbors, write a letter to the editor of their local paper.

I am want my holidays back without all the crass meanness and all-out merchandising! 

Christmas IS NOT about the bottom line of  Walmart or Target.  I could care less if those stores or others made the percentage of sales they forecast. Why should the holidays be made into the economic ladder between red and black? Why should the holidays be all about the business angle of how these types of stores operate?  And then to have the news media play it up for all it was worth on Friday made me turn to computer scrabble.  I just refuse to participate in the BS.   

I am far more interested in the type of society we have.  Or are failing to have.

This video is alarming, sad, and sickening.

WikiLeaks Will Undermine U.S. With Document Release, International Harm Will Be Done

These leaks will be most troubling, and have the potential to undermine the State Department well into the future.  It is imperative that candid assessments of political leaders and political movements in other countries not be open to the general public in this manner. 

“U.S. officials tell NBC News that the upcoming document release from the website WikiLeaks contains top secret information so damaging it could threaten Senate ratification of the START nuclear arms control treaty with the Russians. According to the officials, the information contained in classified State Department cables reveals secrets behind the START negotiations and embarrassing claims against Russian leadership – information that could provide ammunition to Republican opponents of the treaty on Capitol Hill. …. There’s also serious concern that some of the leaks could threaten U.S. counterterrorism operations on two fronts, Afghanistan and Yemen. In Afghanistan, where President Hamid Karzai has already come under fire for Afghan corruption and questions about his mental stability, U.S. officials say the secret cables reveal new and even more embarrassing claims about his personality and private life. Perhaps more troublesome, the leaks reportedly include top secret information about U.S. military and intelligence operations against al Qaeda in Yemen and some critical dispatches about Yemen’s President Saleh.”

Saturday Song: Christmas In The Country With Homecoming Friends, Front Porch Country Band, Bandaged Together, Oak Ridge Boys

One of the music videos today is set in a big old house with dark wood and large windows.  I  first saw the video back in the heat of summer and knew it would wind up on Saturday Song.  

Our home is 118 years old, and so at this time of year I am again thinking of the kids that would have lived here and awakened on Christmas morning in high spirits.  Perhaps if I listen just hard enough their laughter can still be heard.  I wonder how large the Christmas trees were in this house, and if one ever actually touched the high ceilings.

While I grew up in the country and know the joy of snow on the barn roof  (as sung in another video today)  I also know the pleasure of Christmas in the city.  While there are wonderful old traditions that remain from my childhood in Hancock, there is also pleasure in creating new ones in Madison.  James and I work so our home has a more Victorian feel each passing Christmas.  I am reminded that old-time memories are not only the ones I knew personally as a youngster, but the ones we are now re-creating from the past in this house.  It is in that way the country and city Christmases become one.

The best of both worlds.

In the next four weeks that feel of Christmas will be presented on Saturday Song.  Lots of songs.

My mom’s favorite song at Christmas was “Silver Bells”.  She too knew the joy of the snow on the trees and all over the country side, but loved the sights of the city in December.

One of the old standards at this time of year is “Winter Wonderland”.   Here are the Oak Ridge Boys