Scott Walker Did Not Graduate From College, But…

The recent comment made by Wisconsin Governor-elect Scott Walker is rather stunning if you think about it.

In an effort to stymie union contracts that have been negotiated over the past months Walker asked legislative leaders to not schedule a special session aimed at passing them.  State workers are now 18 months without a contract.

When making his plea for concessions from the Democrats and union members Walker had this to say.

“People elected me to be a leader and they didn’t set a time frame on that,” said Walker.

Well, yes Scott, the people of Wisconsin did set a time frame on that!  Had Walker paid more attention in civics class this would all be well understood.

First, there was a scheduled election, followed by a transition period, and then the state constitution allows for power to be placed in Walker’s hands come Inauguration Day in January.  And not one minute sooner.

There is no place that Scott Walker can turn for remedy.  The constitutional safeguards and laws limit his thirst for power before he is sworn into office.  Ask any sixth grader from Superior to Appleton, down to Lone Rock and over to Milwaukee.  Any school kid across the state could help Scott figure this out.

I suggest some remedial education for the new governor.  Any kid have some free time after his last class to sit with Scott for a few afternoons?

And Scott, please, no bullying the kids.

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