Muscovy Duck Rescued From Madison’s B.B. Clarke Beach Has Been Adopted

I am very pleased to be post the following comment from a reader.

In late September I discovered a clutch of ducklings not far from my home.  After weeks of feeding and caring for them I learned they were Muscovy ducklings, and native to Peru. Some thoughtless person had dumped the 8 ducklings that were only several weeks old into the cold harsh world with no parent.  Since the ducklings would not even be mature until late March 2011 there was no way these animals would have survived the weather in Madison.  As such I made arrangement to insure their safety after five weeks of my attention by contacting Four Lakes Wildlife Center.  The ducks were picked up in late October.

Then this week a reader, Jennifer Bunner, commented on my blog with wonderful news.

I adopted one of the ducks from Four Lakes Wildlife Refuge after reading about it here! I’ve had a muscovy girl as a pet (along with three chickens) for a year and a half now and have been looking recently for a companion for her since she seems lonely sometimes. I adopted a black one with some white on her head. She’s a very pretty little girl. We named her Zell and she and Saxby (my other duck) got along very well right from the start. She’s still a little distrustful of the chickens and, of course, she doesn’t like being picked up very much, but she seems to be settling in very nicely. On Monday I gave her her first bath in the bathtub (something I did with Saxby last winter too, since she can’t use her pool in the winter). Zell was delighted and splashed all over the place enthusiastically and spent a long time preening herself afterwards. Here’s a picture of the two of them:

We hope that Jennifer keeps us updated with photos.

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