Rahm Emanuel Attacked For Residency In Chicago

This is a non-issue.  Folks opposed to Rahm Emanuel should stick to the issues and fight him on what matters to the voters.  This is not one of them!

The central question at this hearing: Is Mr. Emanuel, who was President Obama’s chief of staff until this fall, actually eligible to run in February in Chicago’s election for mayor, a job that requires candidates to be residents of the city for a full year?

Despite all the back and forth over tax returns, city stickers, car registrations, leases and driver’s licenses, the real debate here is over what constitutes legal residency.

Mr. Emanuel’s lawyers contend that Mr. Emanuel, 51, who was born in Chicago and represented a Congressional district on the North Side, never gave up his Chicago residency when he went to work in the White House when President Obama arrived in 2009. Mr. Emanuel’s critics say he gave up that residency when he rented out his Chicago house to a tenant, returned to Chicago only a few times before he left the White House in October, and initially filed Illinois income tax returns for part of 2009 (he has since filed amended forms).

Testimony here is expected to last for several days. After the proceeding, a hearing officer is expected to make a recommendation to Chicago’s Election Board, which will decide whether Mr. Emanuel’s name appears on the ballot. Even then, though, the issue is all but certain to linger. Any outcome is expected to be challenged in court.

7 thoughts on “Rahm Emanuel Attacked For Residency In Chicago

  1. Marilyn Lee

    If Illinois law says that anyone in the military is still considered a resident, and if the President of the United States voted for Governor Quinn as a resident, and Mr. Emanuel was serving the Commander-in-Chief, albeit as a civilian, what is the fuss? Does the military law say that the servicemen may not rent their homes while they are gone? If not, then your first sentence captures it all. It is a non-issue.

  2. Lou

    Only in America can someone be in the Oval Office negotiating with leaders of the free world one minute, and the next — in a Loop basement being degraded by rejects from an old ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ audience.” This is why we do not have direct democracy. The vast percetange of the public are pure dolts. I watched this on TV for several hours and felt our civics lessons in this state are lacking.

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