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There Should Be Protests At Scott Walker’s Inauguration In Madison

December 19, 2010

Madison is known for loudly stating what needs to be said.  No one can ever accuse those who live in the Capital City about being timid when it comes to democracy. 

That is a good thing.

As such I am wondering if the passionate believers in a variety of issues and causes will remain silent on January 3rd, the day Republican Scott Walker takes the oath of office as Wisconsin’s next governor.  Or instead will they give voice to their concerns about the future of our state?  Might there be many others from around Wisconsin who also feel kinship over the issues and join in to alert the new power brokers in Madison that all is not well?

I suggest there is more than enough reason for concerned citizens to make their voices heard in light of what has transpired over the last weeks with the removal of federal funds for high-speed rail, and the collapse of contracts for state employees.

Over the past weeks Scott Walker has made unprecedented requests of Governor Doyle regarding a variety of issues.   Walker asked that work cease on the bio-fuels project at the University of Wisconsin Madison campus.  He wanted a stop to the implementation of the federal health care law.  He also was the force that stopped high-speed rail, and his fingerprints are all over the dreadful end of the contracts for state workers.

All this and Scott Walker has not even taken his oath of office, or had the benefit of a complete strangle-hold by the GOP in the legislature. 

A sharp and pointed protest would serve to send a message that the elections are indeed over, and the time for governing has arrived.  And the people are watching.  We will not be silent as corporate interests get everything they desire.

Unless there is a groundswell of statewide push-back over the substance and tone of what we have already witnessed from Walker and his allies, then there is only one conclusion that can await the state.  That would be a wholesale reversal of the beliefs and policies that has made Wisconsin progressive and forward-leaning.

That would be a dreadful place for the state to wind up.

How to start to fight back?

The place to start is on January 3rd when Scott Walker is sworn into office.

Some may think it best to wait and not ruffle feathers on what is seen as a festive day as power is transferred in Madison.  To them I suggest we look to see how Walker acted during the transition.  He did not sit by and wait for power to come to him.  Walker boldly struck out and made his ideas take shape. 

That needs to be the lesson for the opposition when it comes to Walker and Company.

No one should think that things will be better if those who oppose Walker just play nice.  State workers should not believe that giving Walker some breathing room will somehow provide them a better deal.  Confronting Walker right out of the starting gate will show backbone and help energize the opposition to the Walker agenda.

Madison has never been shy before about claiming the high ground and standing firm.  With Scott Walker in the statehouse this is no time to retreat.



  1. wallguy permalink
    January 3, 2011 4:24 PM

    I have been told, liberals are stupid and produce nothing but love to manage the production of others.
    My question: is our state better off than we were 8 years ago?
    if so, why do we want and some say need federal welfare?

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