Why Is Senator John McCain So Angry All The Time?

What happened to Senator John McCain, the guy who many such as myself admired for campaign finance reform, and others ideas aimed at making the political process run smoother?  In 2000 Senator McCain seemed so reasonable and approachable. Now he acts constipated much of the time.

Lots of people think McCain snapped in some way.  The last couple weeks of the lame-duck session in Washington have left many pondering what legacy McCain is trying to shape.

Last year, when McCain thought he may have had a primary fight in J.D. Hayworth, observers blamed his newly conservative positions on the need to win the primary and expected the maverick McCain to come back once that battle was successfully waged. One close friend, who requested anonymity to speak openly, said McCain’s triumphant win was supposed to heal some of the wounds from his loss to Obama. “Certainly everyone’s hope is that it would be cathartic. Take your anger out on this punching bag and then come back, but he hasn’t,” the friend said, referring to Hayworth. “It’s based on having lost in 2008 and then conducting himself in a way that he doesn’t like. He’s not someone who likes to close himself off from the media, issue positions that I don’t believe he believes in order to get reelected in the Senate, and I think he’s angry about that, on top of anger from 2008.”

David Berman, a political science professor at Arizona State University and a longtime McCain observer, said the senator cannot let go on issues like DADT and START because of lingering resentment about Obama’s win. “He has been on a tear to make Obama look less than favorable, to put it mildly, and I think he is a little bit bitter about the election,” he said. “I think he is a very proud man, he was very upset he didn’t do better, and resents this young man with very little experience beat him in the last election…He doesn’t think of Obama as someone qualified to be commander in chief.”

6 thoughts on “Why Is Senator John McCain So Angry All The Time?

  1. Wilson

    He may not think Obama as qualified as he but goodness did he actually think Sarah Palin was? She’s the stupidest politician on the planet.Made rich by her association to McCain asking her to run for VP but still stupid! She is the one who made him look bad.

  2. He was manipulated into selecting Palin as a running mate and if not for that, he would be president.
    He is angry that he was a fool and was betrayed by others. He is lashing out now because of his inner turmoil. He feels he is owed something and has not received it.

  3. Craig

    Now McCain is mad and he lost because he was so far to the left and being angery appears to be typical of most liberals I have met, either on line or in person….I saw little difference ‘tween Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain. And we all saw what happened in that contest. About 47% for McCain and about 53% for Obama. Not that much of a victory for the liberals.

    I was wishing for a better selection. Can’t wait to vote against president Obama! Little does it matter who the conservitives put up. I’m pulling the ‘R’ lever. Third party folks make good copy but poor candidates.

  4. Craig

    I have always liked Sarah Palin.
    Now if she would just stop screeching into the microphone!
    Lower her tone, talk in a normal slow voice…Like Henry Alfred Kissinger who was the 56th Secretary of State of the United States. Who I also liked, more then Hillary Clinton.

    The Nation made it’s V.P. selection and picked Joe-“to keep from going broke we got to spend more money”-Biden. As Joe’s U-Tube video said.

    I asked my wife if I could do that and she up slapped me on the side-o-the head.


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