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Will Senator Lindsey Graham Be Outed For Being Gay?

December 22, 2010

I think Senator Graham is one of the thoughtful and insightful Republicans who serve in the Congress.  I enjoy his attempts to try to sway me to his point of view when he is interviewed.  Having said that I often disagree with the South Carolina Senator.

I most certainly disagreed with Senator Graham when he voted to keep DADT the law of the land this past weekend.  Not only was the policy that barred gays from openly serving wrong, but Graham has long been rumored to be gay.

Living authentically is something I think is important for all people to do, but perhaps even more so for those who are elected to represent all the rest of us.

As such I  am following the news that Lindsey Graham may be about to be outed for being gay.  If that happens then I think it needs to be viewed in the following context.

One can rightfully argue that if our nation had been more humane and progressive when Lindsey Graham was in college, or in his early adult years, that his coming to terms with his sexuality would have been easier, and therefore not a newsworthy item.  That type of just society is one that liberals fight for every day. (Take note all you closeted conservatives….liberals have your best interest at heart.)   Those are the types of rights that are advocated from time to time on this blog.  When people are forced into the closet for whatever reason and denied the right to live honestly, the results are the type of story that very well may play out in the headlines with Senator Graham.

The bottom line is I think Senator Graham had a duty to protect and fight for issues that impacted all of gay society.  Himself, included.

Gay rights activist Mike Rogers, the professional outer of closeted, hypocritical gay politicians, claims to have “pictures of a man who spent the night” with Sen. Lindsey Graham. He’s supposedly meeting with his lawyer today before releasing them.

Rogers’ previous outings of Ex-Rep. Mark Foley, Ex-Sen. Larry Craig and Ex-RNC chair Ken Mehlman, among others, once earned him the completely arbitrary title of “most feared man on the Hill.” He keeps a list, and there are still many names on it.

Lindsey Graham has been hounded by gay rumors since his first runs for Congress in the ’90s. He has never been married, which, to some, proves everything. The rumors still come up regularly, like when another South Carolina politician let it slip in a 2009 interview. And the New York Times Magazine asked him about it in a big profile earlier this year, to which Graham responded, “I ain’t gay.”

But what if he is gay anyway? Mike Rogers tweeted these two items on December 18 — the day Graham voted against repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” — but few noticed until Wonkette picked them up today:

I wonder if Lindsey Graham knows I have pictures of a man who spent the night at his house. pls RT
– 10:57 AM Dec 18th

Just reached lawyer at home. Meeting set for Tues. on releasing pix of man who spent night at Lindsey Graham’s.
– 11:05 AM Dec 18th

The language here could use a little more specificity. What does he mean “pictures of a man who spent the night” at Graham’s house? Pictures of the man leaving the house? Pictures of a goodbye kiss? Is the man his best friend John McCain? Because maybe he just had male friends over to play Connect Four, like all middle-aged bachelors with money. In any event, gay bloggers are stocking up on popcorn.

We’ll see what Mike Rogers comes up with, assuming his lawyer doesn’t nix this plan. But keep in mind that Lindsey Graham is still an active member of the Air Force reserves, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell — which Graham voted against just three days ago — will still be kinda-sorta in place for a time until the full repeal takes effect.

  1. December 24, 2010 1:33 PM

    Lindsay Graham is gay?! I was suspicious of all those reach across the aisle gestures but I never thought it had anything to do with a reach around….is he related to pastor G. T. Glading by any chance?;^)

  2. jmac permalink
    December 23, 2010 7:30 AM

    How interesting. I’m so waiting to hear what the story is on Mark Kirk, new senator from Illinois. Although whether you’re gay or not does’t matter as to who I vate for, I hate liars. And Kirk has been caught in a few big lies already.

  3. December 22, 2010 12:03 PM

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Graham was one of the last queers kicked out of the military?

    The man is so reprehensible on so many levels. I hope he gets out of politics. Part of me hopes he isn’t outed because he would be such a disgrace and embarrassment to the LGBT community.

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