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‘Birthers’ May Finally Need To Shut Up

December 28, 2010

Do you think the ‘birthers’ and the Flat Earth Society share the same office space?

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie is vowing to end the “birther” controversy once and for all.  

Birthers are those who believe President Obama was not born in the U.S., despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary. They have long demanded that the state of the Hawaii release the president’s original birth certificate, which is not allowed under state law. 

Now, Abercrombie says in multiple interviews that he is determined to find a way to release more information about Mr. Obama’s birth in an attempt to silence the critics.

“This has to do with the people in Hawaii who love him, people who loved his mom and dad. This has to do with the respect of the office that the president is entitled to,” Abercrombie told CBS affiliate KGMB over the weekend. 

The governor, a former Democratic congressman who was elected governor last month and took office just a few weeks ago, told CNN yesterday that he directed his attorney general and the state’s Health Department director to determine what he is legally able to do to release more documentation “as quick as we can.”

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