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Remember Sherry Schultz From Wisconsin Caucus Scandal?

December 28, 2010

Friends have asked me, in light of the plea deal given former Republican Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, about Sherry Schultz and her legal woes.  After all,  the cases of Jensen and  Schultz seemed intertwined.

Sherry Schultz was accused of using her state job in the Assembly majority leader’s office to do nothing but work on campaign fundraising. Schultz stood trial in the same courtroom as Jensen in 2006 when a jury found them both guilty of felonies.

Beyond that, their cases took different paths.

When an appeals court granted Jensen and Schultz a retrial, Jensen used a new state law that lets elected officials charged with ethics violations be tried in their home counties to get his case moved to Waukesha County. The Waukesha County District Attorney reached a plea deal with Jensen that dropped felony charges and called for no jail time.

But Schultz’s case remains in Dane County, where there’s a status conference scheduled for Jan. 14. Technically speaking, Schultz is still moving forward with a retrial. Although it’s unknown what implications the Jensen plea deal with have on her case.

Schultz used a different argument than Jensen in her appeal, saying that she had not acted inconsistently with her official duties. That is to say, legislative leaders expected her to use her state position to solicit campaign funds.

Another big difference between the Schulz and Jensen cases is that Jensen served no time while his conviction was on appeal. Schultz served four months of home confinement as well as time on probation.

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