Wisconsin Citizens To Be Blocked From Scott Walker Inauguration In Capitol

Is it just me, or is the news coming from the Wisconsin State Capitol truly perplexing?

Today comes word from one who works under the dome that there is work underway to prevent citizens…..you know the type…..the folks who work hard and pay taxes and hope for a brighter future……from getting to see the inauguration of Scott Walker on Monday.

Let me quote the email.

“They have stuff in place now on the ground floor to block off access to the elevators and the stairwells on Monday! “ 

Might I ask what in hell is going on?

And why?

If our new governor is shielding himself from the public on the most public of days, pray tell what does the future hold?

There is a time for safety and we all understand that.

But let me tell my readers that this has nothing to do with safety.

This has everything to do with the fact that there will those around the Capitol who disagree with the policy direction that Scott Walker has threatened to take this state.

There comes a time when leaders face the public and not try to dodge the tough appearances.  If Scott Walker can not deal with a couple of folks at his inauguration who differ with him what in heck will he do when he attempts to change tax policy or educational standards across the state?

This is a time for all those who care about a better way of governing to put other plans aside and make an all out committment to be at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Monday, January 3rd.  Step up to the plate and protest Scott Walker. 

Labor will be in attendance around the statehouse…..and you should be there too!

Join a silent protest outside the State Capitol on Inauguration Day.

Monday, January 3 • 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Signs reading “WE WANT GOOD JOBS NOW!” will be available at 10:30 am in the basement of The Argus Bar and Grill, 123 East Main St.

7 thoughts on “Wisconsin Citizens To Be Blocked From Scott Walker Inauguration In Capitol

  1. badgervan

    Ben: He got himself sworn in Thursday by his buddy ag…. said it was because needed paperwork had to be completed and it was a holiday weekend.
    what does it take in wisconsin to recall or impeach a governor? I am completely serious.

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  3. Christian

    I’d like to thank Everybody for the their participation and promo. We did some real good today. Let’s make sure we keep this ball rolling.

  4. Mary Dalrymple

    I was there! Walked right in. There was only so much room in the building. Doors opened at 9:00 and they made every attempt to take as many people as they could safely handle. I guess I didn’t look like I wanted to cause trouble. I couldn’t get any where or near anything when I was in Washington DC last year for the president. In comparison to the event yesterday, DC was what was very very dissapointing to me.

  5. Mary,

    You are comparing the Washington Mall and a presidential swearing-in to a Madison Wi governor taking the oath of office! You must be a white GOP looking lady….that is why you walked in for Scott Walker’s event. The fact that others could not, and that those who actually work in the statehouse had problems, and emailed me, states the facts as they existed.

    Not sure how old you are but I have been around for every swearing-in since 1987…..and nothing was so locked up as this one….so closed to the general public.

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