Are College Diplomas Important In Scott Walker’s Government?

We know that Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s next governor, does not have a college degree.    But today comes word in the Wisconsin State Journal that  Michael Huebsch, incoming Secretary of the Department of Administration, does not a college degree either.  Say what you will about Walker and the reason that he does not have a degree, but before you go too far consider the story of Huebsch.

Things can get worse.

Michael Huebsch attended Oral Roberts University………..

……….and could not complete the educational rigor for a diploma!

I wonder why not?

Was Huebsch caught dancing or ‘self-polluting’ while at the right-wing Oral Roberts University campus?  I really want to know.

What does all this say about the caliber of talent and intellect about to govern Wisconsin?

2 thoughts on “Are College Diplomas Important In Scott Walker’s Government?

  1. Okay you are really offense. Do you try or does this come naturally? (that was rhetorical, I’ve read your blog enough to have formed a pretty solid conclusion)
    I don’t know your standing among your WI echo-chamber buddies, maybe they luv ya. But you’re a hazard as far as any left-leaning random person who might come across your blog and your ‘tude. The way you “play” to a wider audience, you’d do more harm than good. Luckily only the same group of Insiders read each others’ blogs so you’re contained.
    Stuff like this is a heck of a turn off pal. It really is.

    With ALL the blog-fodder given you by the Right you fall back on classicist snottiness and snobbery time after time. I suppose you’re frustrated that “the working class” is not drawn to your charm, and you are flummoxed about how they vote “against their own interests”. You know, this Liberal Lament is just a way of “proving” to each other that the working class REALLY IS inferior? too stupid to know what’s even good for it? Why oh why can’t the Blue Collar Lunks see the wisdom of shutting up and stepping to the back of the bus and just letting YOU drive, since you’re just so much smarter at what everyone needs? Oh my yes, it’s a puzzle.

    I’m sure you’re quite self-protected with the iron cloak of your eternal infallibility and your ego will easily withstand my wee onslaught here, you’ll laugh with your little clique and change nothing.
    Whatever, I’m telling ya, and it’s true…proven at the polls time after time – Democrats (doing as they always have done yet expecting different results any day now) aren’t doing too good are they. You won’t do better until you lay off (and I mean don’t just PRETEND and think people won’t know) some of these horrible horrible attitudes OF YOUR OWN.

    It’s more important in battle to Know Yourself than to know your enemy, and you sure don’t know yourself.

  2. Annie,

    You may find me offensive. (That is certainly your right.) But this made the newspaper today.

    But more important I find mediocrity in government offensive.

    I find it pathetic, in this age when transformative solutions must be found and implemented in order to address the complicated issues we face, that two of the top leaders in this state are without a college degree. And one of them attended Oral Roberts University!

    That is what I find offensive.

    So be happy that the only thing you seem to have a problem with is me.

    BTW, I do OK with readers……over 1.4 million. Nearing 1,800 as of 11:30 P.M. tonight as I write. As for being ‘contained’ here is the latest readers as I write this response tonight.

    United States Lewiston, ID
    Italy Formia
    Belgium Zellik
    United States Arvada, CO
    United States Fort Lauderdale, FL
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    United States Gouverneur, NY
    Croatia Zagreb
    Italy Pompei
    United States Salt Lake City, UT
    United Kingdom Leicester
    United States Sweetwater, TN

    United States Port Jefferson Station, NY
    Bulgaria Targovishte
    Austria Vienna
    Denmark Lyngby
    Canada Borden, ON
    Germany Garbsen
    United Kingdom Port Talbot
    United States Louisville, KY
    Belgium Borgerhout
    Germany Stelle
    Belgium Mechelen
    United Kingdom Birmingham
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    United Kingdom Stafford
    Bulgaria Aksakovo

    Thanks for being one of them.

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