Captain Owen ‘Lewd’ Honors Should Be Stripped Of Naval Command Duties

Capt. Owen Honors should be permanently relieved of his duties.

The Navy officer who aired lewd videos for crew of an aircraft carrier will be temporarily relieved of his command as early as Tuesday, Navy sources told NBC News on Monday.

Capt. Owen Honors commands the USS Enterprise and produced the videos while second in command aboard the aircraft carrier.

He is to be relieved while the Navy investigates the incident.

Made in 2006 and 2007, the videos just came to light over the weekend and show the crew got an eyeful on shipboard TV: Gay slurs, suggestive shower scenes and mimicked masturbation.

The Navy said Sunday it will investigate the “clearly inappropriate” videos shown through the nuclear-powered ship’s closed-circuit television system as part of an onboard movie night.

The Norfolk-based Enterprise was deployed in the Middle East at the time the videos were made and is weeks from deploying again.

3 thoughts on “Captain Owen ‘Lewd’ Honors Should Be Stripped Of Naval Command Duties

  1. This guy’s career is history. He probably will escape formal judicial proceedings, but he will be permanently relieved and, if he has any brains (an issue that might be in doubt, given his conduct), will resign.

  2. Lisa

    Another example of the frustratio­n of Command in a politicall­y correct military. Poking fun at PC is a way of relieving frustratio­n.

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