OMG Photo! Solar Eclipse AND International Space Station

I often post images and stories about space.  Though there have been many that thrilled me none measures up to this one at the bottom of this post.  In this picture is a partial solar eclipse AND the international space station.   For all sorts of pictures of this solar event check out the ones linked here.  All come from Space Weather.

 from Willy Schuppert of Amsterdam, the Netherlands; from Tunc Tezel of Ras Lanuf, Libya; from Rob Driessen of Maastricht, the Netherlands; from Jan Koeman of Westerschelde river, the Netherlands; from Wouter Verhesen of Sittard, The Netherlands; from Peter Rosén of Stockholm, Sweden; from Kari A. Kuure of Tampere, Finland; from Luke Broom-Lynne of Norfolk, United Kingdom; from Philippe Van den Doorn of Rixensart, Belgium; from Andrea Aletti of S.Maria del Monte (VA) Italy; from Rob Kantelberg of Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands; from Robbert-Jan Westerduin of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

I urge you to click this link and see the huge wonder on your screen of the image below.t


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