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Which GOP Presidential Candidate Will Break With Sarah Palin After Assassination Attempt In Arizona?

January 9, 2011

Can you see Dwight Eisenhower or Richard Nixon allowing the likes of Sarah Palin to dictate the image of the Republican Party?  What would Thomas Dewey have said to Glenn Beck?

With that in mind I offer the following to my friends on the other side of the political aisle.

This is what I would do if I were the top advisor for a potential Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination.

I would tell the candidate he/she will be giving a speech on Monday afternoon.  The speech will spell out a demarcation line between common sense and the moral foundations where most Americans  reside, versus the mean-spirited and foul political games that some use to make a name for themselves.

The American public are about to be pulled into a debate about the hostile rhetoric employed by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and others.  The Democrats are rightfully going to highlight this issue since they are the targets of these attacks.  The verbal assaults over the past 18 months have now turned into gun shots and death as Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’s was the target for an assassination attempt.

This is a time for the likes of a Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty (etc) to make a break with the harsh and unprincipled style exhibited by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.  The sad events of this weekend should be seen as a chance for a responsible and mature Republican to take a stand apart from the outlandish red-meat crowd that seems at times to dominate the Republican Party. 

That there are many within the GOP who want to remove Sarah Palin from the ranks of presidential contenders for the sake of the Republican Party is not in dispute.  Many know they can not win with the Palin baggage.  Many have thought about how to limit her damage.  While the new primary rules for gaining delegates will work against Sarah Palin in the long run should she decide to run, it would serve everyone by marginalizing her now.    Her antics about targeting Democrats with gun sights is what can be used to remove her from the political calendar in 2012.

It would be smart politics for a seasoned presidential contender to split away from Palin now over this very serious matter and work to shape the GOP into a party that can win in 2012 without the bombastic rhetoric and targeting with gun scopes of political opponents.

Can you see Dwight Eisenhower or Richard Nixon allowing the likes of Sarah Palin to dictate the image of the Republican Party?  What would Thomas Dewey have said to Glenn Beck?

It is time for a seasoned, mature, and responsible leader within the GOP to take a stand.

  1. John ackerby permalink
    January 9, 2011 5:51 PM

    Republican use hateful, militaristically-violent, and fatalistic language and images to win elections. Unfortunately, those same language and images stir up the fanatics on the right side of the political aisle and cause the types of events we now see in Arizona and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

  2. MaryB permalink
    January 9, 2011 2:42 PM

    I blogged about almost the same thing at almost the same time…only not as eloquently as you. We need a strong Republican leader for our country right now.
    I just Googled to see if the Republican’s are calling for someone to stand up to the rhetoric, but nothing came up…there are a lot of voices on the left asking for one.

    I can’t think of anyone at this moment who could calm the Tea Party while getting the respect of the left. I first thought of the “Young Guns”, (wow just can’t get away from the violence can we?) Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy…but now the thought of “young guns” make me want to just scratch them off my most hopeful list. Could you imagine the gravitas Rep. Cantor could gain if he came out like you suggest and call for a saner conservative party. Paul Ryan…no! This Kevin McCarthy I don’t know and will go look him up. Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty have been playing the rhetoric game too and I don’t think they would be believable any longer.

    I want a country with at least 2 strong, sane political parties (more than two parties would be better, but I don’t believe in miracles, so…)!

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