Picture Of Todd Palin’s Alleged Mistress From National Enquirer

In Alaska the sun does not always shine in winter.  So it is dark a lot.  That is the only plausible reason I can find for this story.  Still even in the dark and confusion of winter in Wasilla how could anyone confuse this woman below for Sarah Palin. 

Barring that as an explantion I think Todd Palin has explaining to do.

I never have taken the side of Sarah Palin….but if this is true about her husband I will be the first to defend her over anything she cuts off of him.

This woman was pictured in the National Enquirer as ‘the other woman’ that Todd Palin allegedly had encounters with that are now making headlines.  The woman pictured is Shailey Tripp.

Tripp is the name of Todd Palin’s grandkid.

One thought on “Picture Of Todd Palin’s Alleged Mistress From National Enquirer

  1. Trout

    Here’s a link to a fact that cannot be “refudiated” from the Alaska government website. Shailey Tripp who was arrested for prostitution in March 2010 did make a NON-MONETARY contribution in the amount of $900 to Palin’s campaign for governor back in 2006 according to the State of Alaska Public Offices Commission website.


    Non-monetary hmmmm……… just imagine the creative bookkeeping. $900 worth can’t go very far.

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