Coloma, Wisconsin “Angry Drunk” Makes Problems In Madison

My sister lives in Coloma and likes to tell people  life there is so small-town and tranquil.  Listening to her talk you might wrongly conclude Coloma is all like one big Laura Ingalls Wilder story just waiting to spill out day after day across the Waushara County countryside.  Coloma is painted as a place where wonderful folks sow gardens, quilt in a neighbor’s home, and pray for the rains to save the crops.

It is, she would claim, all those big cities likes Madison where problems take place. Sin and germs galore!

Well hold on to your sunbonnet Laura.  The tables have been reversed.

After this story below I just wish the problems of Coloma would stay the heck away from our wonderful Madison.  Coloma should keep their “angry” drunks home in the field hoeing corn and threshing grain.

A 19-year-old Coloma man referred to as an “angry drunk” by a friend was arrested on multiple charges early Saturday morning after he allegedly went on a rampage to close out a house party at a far east side apartment.

Ashton Debord was charged with crimes ranging from battery to criminal damage to property to disorderly conduct, all with a hate crime enhancer, following his arrested at about 3 a.m. Saturday in the 900 block of Harrington Drive, Madison police said.

The hate crime enhancers came about because Debord allegedly made racial slurs to residents during the ruckus, police said.

According to the police report, Debord got upset when the house party was ending, said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

“He threatened a male host and when a female host stepped in between the two, he apparently said ‘What do you think, I can’t hit a female?,'” DeSpain said.

The female victim said she was grabbed around the throat, pushed to the floor, kicked in the ribs and slammed into a kitchen counter by Debord.

Then, the story took a weird turn.

“He fled the apartment where the party had taken place and banged on the door of another apartment,” DeSpain said. “The 20-year-old resident got up to see what was going on, and opened the door just a bit.”

Deborg pushed the door open and allegedly went after the man, punching him in the head and slamming a hand into a door.

“The suspect was making derogatory slurs toward the victim and a 19-year-old female resident of the same apartment, slurs about Latinos,” DeSpain said. “The male victim found this strange since they are Native Americans.”

The victims said it appeared Deborg was looking for someone in their apartment, even though he wasn’t in the right place.

Before leaving, he allegedly smashed a dining room chair, kicked out some racks inside a refrigerator and dented a microwave.

“The couple fled their own apartment, fearing for their safety,” DeSpain said.

By now, multiple calls were coming into the 911 center, sending officers to the scene.

“The suspect fled the second apartment, and was shirtless and shoeless and covered in dried blood,” DeSpain said.

An officer asked him if he knew where he was.

“Debord told the officer ‘I know exactly where I am, a hotel in Montello,'” DeSpain said.

A second officer said that was incorrect, try again.

“He said he was in Portage,” DeSpain said.

The officer pointed to the Madison Police Department badge to give the intoxicated Debord some clue.

This resulted in a very loud scream from Debord, which if residents weren’t already up, the scream did it.

“His behavior didn’t improve as he was being taken to jail, with police now at the receiving end of his tirade,” DeSpain said.

A friend of Debord told police he knew he could be an “angry drunk,” but didn’t realize how out of control he could get.

All told, Debord was charged with 13 offenses, including his third offense for being an underaged drinker, and for making unreasonable noise.

4 thoughts on “Coloma, Wisconsin “Angry Drunk” Makes Problems In Madison

  1. Hi, and thanks for commenting.

    Well to be honest I have taken the Wisconsin Tavern League to task, bar owners, and drinkers in general to task on this blog. I have arged strongly that bar owners should he held responsible for getting people drunk…over serving if you will….and also have followed the case up in northern Wisconsin where an employee was charged for over-serving. I have also written about snowmobilers and their drinking antics.

    The drinking culture in Wisconsin is one I tackle often on this blog. In fact, today as I write this comment to you one of the top ten posts on this blog is about drinking problems in this state.

    Look around in search or in categories and read some of them if you desire.

  2. smart.chick

    I sadly went to high school with this kid, and as much as I hate to say it, Coloma isn’t the sweet place everyone thinks it is. Well when it comes to the youth. There are more young people than you could ever imagine throwing raging parties with drugs and alcohol every weekend in the small town. It just takes a little while for the small town kids to decide to hit the big time, like Madison.

  3. Tom

    This story should be updated he was only charged with two batteries and placed on probation and did he learn no he is currently going through court for two more batteries and property damage in marquette county and will probably walk from those too our people need to stick together and get trash off our streets people need to be aware of our system and it is not good

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